How To Backup Your Computer The Right Way

If you have ever owned a computer you know that as time passes by it will get slower and slower. Usually people have a hard time understanding why that is and blame the computer itself or its software for the annoying loading times. It all boils down to volume, the volume of content that is stored on your hard drive. In order to fix this problem computer users need to learn how to backup their computer correctly in order to maximize the life of their computer.

There are a flood of software and services out there that will have your files backed up and stored away for a rainy day but it always boils down to how much you have to maintain your backup system, which is the very essence of how to backup your files successfully. What we want is a system that is entirely based around the simple approach of “set it and forget it”. Once setup, we want to know that our files are safe and that’s why we here at Bit Rebels strongly recommend the SOS online backup system.

I could sit here typing out this impressive software’s key features all day long bit since it would become quite a long article I am just going to compress some of the most impressive ones into a couple of short lists.

How to backup your files correctly and SOS Online Backup software’s key features:

Works on Mac and PC
Works across all mobile devices: tablet, phone, etc…
This license will work on unlimited machines.
Any size file will work and will backup even external storage devices.
Everything happens behind the scenes, the user never sees that actual backup happening.
User can select which files to backup: only pictures on computer 1, videos on computer 2, or the entire my documents folder on computer 3. The user has total flexibility.
Military grade encryption and equipment is all owned by parent company so data is super secure.

We all know that when we save our files (and of course back them up) we want them to be safe. The above features all make sure that we can sleep good at night without having to worry about our files being stolen or lost as this system is all about storing it in the cloud. Because of its military grade encryption the only one who knows where your backed up files are and how to open them is you. Never again will you have to worry about your files ending up in the wrong hands. Let’s have a look at a few more of the impressive features that come bundled in the SOS online backup software. This is how you backup your files correctly.

Use SOS to free up space on your external drives since SOS is a true archive and will never delete files from the cloud – even if you disconnect the drive. (That’s a REAL backup.)

Any file type, no limits. There are some default “exclusions” in SOS that will skip cache data, application files and other system files that aren’t necessary for backup. These exclusions can be easily modified if needed!

Any size file, no limits. Have a 25GB video file? No problem. (Note, SOS can work through network interruptions so don’t worry if you have power outage in middle of backing up a big file, the software will pick up from where it left off, cool huh?)

Protect all of your USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, eSATA and other external storage devices. Even backup network-attached volumes from any PC, Mac or Linux machine.

Activate the LiveProtect feature on select files to enable continuous, real-time protection. Files being watched by LiveProtect will be backed-up within seconds of being changed.

The automatic schedule can be setup to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly – we recommend at least a daily backup. Set a daily backup window to limit what times of day SOS transfers data. Choose whether or not to receive email reports on backup activity.

SOS is unique. We operate in 11 independent data centers on five continents and not a single byte of our customers’ data is stored on 3rd-party equipment.

Activate the LiveProtect feature on select files to enable continuous, real-time protection. Files being watched by LiveProtect will be backed-up within seconds of being changed.

SOS can backup files that are being opened and worked on without interrupting you. This applies to most common file types such as Microsoft Office documents.

SOS is smart. It can handle spotty or slow Internet connections, power outages or precocious children. Whether in the middle of your initial backup or in the middle of 20GB video file, SOS will pick-up right where it left off.

If you delete a file from your computer the backup copy and all of its past versions will remain in the cloud forever. You can manually delete files from your cloud backup if you don’t need them anymore. (Most services limit how long files stay in the cloud after being deleted.)

With UltraSafe MAX, keys are NEVER stored or saved in the SOS cloud. This means absolutely no one is able to access files except for the account-owner.

How To Backup Files


So why are Bit Rebels recommending this service and software and why should you give it a try?

The answer to that question is pretty simple however comes in two parts. The first reason why you should really give it a try is because very few services offer the ultimate how to backup your files correctly features and we here at Bit Rebels have tried very few backup software that actually takes you through the process of how to backup your files without having to be a seasoned computer user. As said, it’s a “set it and forget it” service which means that a simple tutorial/guide is all it takes to have it up and running protecting your precious files.

Another reason is of course because the SOS software is currently 65% off, now only $35.00 (normally retails at $100.00), exclusively offered by Gearnaut. You should have heard about Gearnaut by now as it is the go to shop for gear and software. This website is pushing out insanely cool and discounted offers in a pace worthy of any tech fanatic. If you’re looking for the best discounted offers and deals online you definitely have to have a look at what Gearnaut is offering.

The SOS Online Backup deal is for a 100GB license. The user can backup 100GB for one year, after which they have to upgrade. This is a deal that should have anyone drooling by now as the SOS software has been praised and recommended by WSJ and NY Times, won numerous awards across the tech industry (including PCMag Editors Choice award for 4 years) and is now considered the go to backup source for a group of Fortune 500 companies.

But that’s not all (not meant to sound like a TV Shop commercial), it’s also through a collaboration with Gearnaut that we have been able to secure the coupon code “bitrebels” which will give you an additional $5.00 off.

How To Backup Your Computer The Right Way – Try SOS

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No longer does backing up your computer have to be an annoyance or even difficult. By checking out SOS Online Backup you will know how to backup your computer in a matter of minutes and never again having to worry about it.

Many users are told that backing up their files will make their computer safer and faster, but that is anything but true. Well, that is until you have tried SOS Online Backup. As this software works with the cloud it makes it unnecessary for you to keep many of your files on your local hard drive. The speed of your computer has everything to do with how many files you have stored on your drive.

The reason your computer seems to get slower and slower is because the hard drive has trouble locating all of the files it has to load in order for a program to start. By relieving your drive of the unnecessary amount of files you are automatically making your computer faster. It’s as simple as that.

There are of course other things you can do as well, such as using a defragmentation software, however using the SOS Online Backup software is probably one of the best solutions to make your files completely safe as well as making your computer faster and more reliable. All we can say is, know how to backup your files correctly and live a worry-free life, at least when it comes to the safety of your files.

You can also try the backup software, such as Wondershare Ubackit. which is your reliable data manager. Back up your files, folders, and hard drive data automatically and incrementally. Monitor the backup process, storage space, and data security intelligently.

Restore files to a specific backup version, Intuitive file versioning enables a clear view of your backup history. Restore data to any specific version in just one click. All backup data are encrypted with security algorithms, protecting your priceless data and privacy from the wrong hands. Just 3 Simple Steps to backup Valuable Data.

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