5 Fun iPhone Applications for Moms and Dads

The Apple iPhone  application store really has everything for everyone to enjoy.  Did you know that there are cool iPhone applications that are family friendly too?

Here is a list of iPhone Applications for Moms and Dads:

1.  Baby Phone- The application is US$3.99 when you download.  The application turns your iPhone into a Baby monitor.  It will alert you when your baby wakes up by calling the number you have pre set for the alert.  Note though, the application works on iPhone OS 3 version 1.x and 2.x.

2. Pre-School Adventure –  The app is US$0.99 only and  contains 6 activities that parents can use to stimulate their toddlers learning.  (Ocean Color, Space Shapes, Monkey Body, Farm Sounds, Animal Matching and Dot to Dot Numbers).  It’s compatible for both iPhone and iPod touch.

3.   Foo Pets –  The application is US$ 0.99 to download.  The application allows you to adopt “Marley” Labrador retriever from the movie “Marley and Me”.  Foo pets is a virtual  interactive replica of the puppy.  Here parent’s can show their kids the value of taking care of a pet before they are ready to actually care for a real one.  One must care for the virtual puppy by feeding, watering and playing with them.

4.  Cute Math –  The application is US$1.99 to download.  Help you get your kids started with the Math basics.  Cute Math will make learning fun, it comes with cute characters and animation, with voices.  Start the kids early and build a good Math foundation for his/her future.

5. Total Baby –  This is one of the best sellers in the app store, costs US$4.99 to download.  This is a must have high tech accessories for parents.  The application allows parents to log the time of every aspect for caring for your child, Track the time, diaper change, feeding, doctor’s appointment.

And a quick note:  Make sure you adjust the settings on parental control so that your kids will only see what you want them to see while they use your phone.