5 iPhone Applications for Music Lovers

When I am waiting for a meeting to start or while waiting for friends, there is never a boring or idle time for me, specially with my iPhone at hand.  The applications that one can download are vast and most of them very entertaining.

Here is a list of Applications that you music lovers might enjoy!

1.  Guitar Tool Kit –  The application is sold at the iTunes store for USD 9.99.  This is a great tool for those who wants to learn guitar chords or use it as an accurate tuner.  The library has over 5,000 chords.

2.  RjDj –  The application can be downloaded for FREE.  RjDj delivers music to you as a software.  The software lets you experience music in a different way.  Just make sure you have a headphone with mic to make sure the experience is maximized.

3.  Ocarina –  The application is sold for US$.099.  The app turns your device into a flute like instrument.  Blow air into your mic and use the combination of holes on your screen to create notes.

4. Shazam –  This is another App you can download for FREE –  Shazam is a great way to discover more about the music you love.  The application allows you to create music moments.  Just point your mobile device to the location of the music you have discovered and instantly learn more about the song and its artist.

5.  BeatMaker – The application will cost you US$ 19.99 to download.  The application can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an instant music studio.  This i a great application for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Hope you can check the application and see which ones suites your needs.  Have fun and be creative!

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