5 Persistent LED Lights Myths Debunked

It won’t be wrong to say that LED lights have revolutionized the world of lighting. Since their invention, they’ve improved and become more efficient. However, since it is the latest product in the lighting industry, people impose false claims and judgments regarding LED products.

LED lights are phasing out traditional lights and making a permanent position for years to come. If you too have doubts about LED lights then you need to know about its true power and the myths that try to undermine their performance.

Let’s have a look at 5 LED lights myths and the truth behind them.

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Myth 1 – They’re Overpriced

While it’s true that LED lights are more expensive than incandescents and CFLs but they’re much cheaper than the other options in the long-run.

LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to other options and can easily operate for 50,000 hours. Meaning, you won’t need to replace the LED light for years.

Now, considering traditional bulbs and CFL lights, they can operate for 1200 and 12,000 hours at max and you will have to replace them every few years. Hence, LEDs aren’t overpriced. In fact, they’re much cheaper than the other options since it doesn’t need replacement anytime soon.

Some sellers even sell LED flood lights with 5 years of warranty making it a great option.

Myth 2 – They Are Too White

When LEDs were introduced they indeed were very white and produced sharp light. But now, LEDs have improved a great deal and are coming in a variety of colors (2.2K – 6.5K).

The lower light range (2.5K) of a LED light produces a warm-yellowish color which is soft and doesn’t feel sharp when seen. For those who want white light, they can opt for 6.5K options.

Myth 3 – Not Suitable For Higher Temperatures

LED lights are the only lights that continue to work effectively in higher temperatures. In cold temperatures, a LED light doesn’t require more power to produce light, unlike other lights. Similarly, it keeps on working smoothly in hotter temperatures as well, without any issues.

Myth 4 – They Are Easily Breakable

One of the most concerning factors that people look in lights is their durability. In case of CFL and traditional bulbs, electric fluctuations can cause vibrations. Accidental impacts can break the lights easily. However, in case of LED lights, there are no such risks.

They come enclosed in a hard casing which has a good resistance to impacts and vibrations. Therefore, LED light bulbs are highly durable and cannot be broken easily.

Myth 5 – They’re Not Environment-Friendly

Many people think that using LEDs is not safe. That’s not true. They only waste 20% of the energy and generate a very minimal amount of heat compared to other light sources.

Moreover, they do not contain any element that’s bad for health, such as the mercury in the CFL lights. Hence, they are the safest to use when compared to other light options we have.

LED Lights – The Verdict

LED lights are a great blessing given to man today. They are less costly and more efficient.

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