5 Reasons Niche Edits Are Better Than Guests Posts

When it comes to boosting your SEO quality, there are a number of options that you have. Link building is one of the most effective strategies there is out there to improve SEO and increase rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

There are many ways you can go about link building. Niche edits and guest posts are two of the hottest debates going on right now. In this article, you are going to learn more about niche edits and guest posting, and why Niche edits are better. Let’s get started.

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What Is A Guest Post

Guest posting, just like the name suggests, is posting content, or having content published in another blog or site other than yours and you get credit for it. The main reason for guest posting is so you can build a relationship, get some exposure, increase authority, and above all, link back to your site (backlinks).

Backlinks are links, or hyperlinks that lead back to your site, blog, or pages. When you write a guest blog, you choose a site with higher authority that is in the same industry as you and ensure you include a link or links referencing back to a page on your site.

Depending on your agreement with the owner or the editor you are guest blogging for, there are a certain number of links you can reference back to your site. Some sites allow guest posts for free while in others, you may have to pay for your guest blog with backlinks to your site.

Niche Edits Explained

Niche edits, formerly called contextual links, is where you place your links on an already existing article. Unlike guest post where you have to start and build a high quality article from scratch

How it works is that you first look for a blog or a website that is related to your industry or niche. You also want to make sure that the post you choose to insert your link is well-related to your keyword.

One of the reasons why niche edits are becoming more popular is because they have higher chances of ranking and provide almost immediate results as long as the content is well-related and relevant to your site.

This is because you are adding your backlink to content that already has traffic and probably ranks high, with the potential of staying at the top for longer. The more traffic this content gets, the more new visitors you get.

It is a cheaper and more convenient way, as you won’t use as much time and money creating a new post from scratch as you would with guest posts. It also has a higher ROI (Return On Investment).

How To Get Niche Edits Links

Getting niche edit links is almost the same as finding a blog or site to guest post. The important thing is to make sure that you select a site that is in your niche industry, provides similar content as yours, and that already has a steady flow of traffic;

  • The first thing you want to do while acquiring a niche edit link is to find targeted URLs. This could be your homepage, targeted post on your blog, a landing page, or even a campaign page.
  • Research to find high-authority websites in your niche. Make sure they have steady traffic and accept niche edits.
  • Reach out to them and build a relationship
  • Pitch a topic that relates to a post in the sites you have selected

Just like guest posting, some sites may charge you while others may not.

5 Advantages Of Niche Edits Over Guest Posts

Every link-building strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Check out why you should focus on niche edits over other strategies like guest posting as explained by Outreach Solutions;

  1. While your links are added on a fresh article in guest posting, you get backlinks from an already existing post, indexed, and with proven traffic with Niche edits.
  2. In a Guest posting, you may get traffic depending on how valuable and relevant your content is. On the other side, niche edits have high chances of getting traffic because your links are added on an already existing and indexed page or post.
  3. Niche edits require less time, energy, and effort. The most you get to do is probably make edits on the already existing post and make sure you add relevant backlinks. On the other hand, writing a guest post takes more time and effort since you are creating a fresh article from scratch.
  4. You have a higher chance to get a slot for niche edit links with high authority websites than you do with guest posts. Most sites value their readers and would not always accept guest posting pitches.

Get faster results with niche edits than guest posts. Niche edits are all about editing already well-performing content that is just older. Pages and posts that have already been ranked would definitely give better results than pre-indexed pages and posts.

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