5 Things A Cloud-Based Phone Service Can Offer That You Might Not Have Expected

If your business currently relies on a traditional on-premises phone system, you might be reluctant to replace it – perhaps out of a belief that this would entail too much heavy lifting on your part. On the other hand, you might just be convinced that your current system is ‘good enough’ for now. However, the longer you leave that phone system untouched, the more compelling the case could become for implementing a cloud-based business phone service capable of reaping benefits for your firm.

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Significant Cost Savings

Although the prospect of stepping up to a cloud-based system could initially daunt you simply on account of its supposed cost, the cost could be exactly that – just “supposed”. After all, the service would not require you to buy and maintain PBX hardware, Business News Daily points out. The responsibility of maintaining that would be left to the service provider; indeed, a cloud-based system can save a firm over 40% in annual fixed phone communications costs, reveals Real Business.

The Options Of Scaling The Service Up And Down As Necessary

Naturally, you want to spearhead growth in your business, but adjusting it to personnel changes can be surprisingly difficult when it comes to using a traditional, PBX-based phone system. After all, you might want to open new offices that would each need their own on-site PBX hardware. However, with a cloud-based alternative, you can add new lines easily as the firm grows – and deactivate extensions when you no longer need them, as Small Business Trends attests.

Accessibility Through Any Location With A Broadband Connection

With a cloud-based phone service in place, it wouldn’t matter whether you are at the head office, at another office run by your company, at home or even on your travels – you can still have access to the same business phone system. A broadband connection could be all you need to stay in the loop. This versatility would open up possibilities for flexible working – and your customers wouldn’t need to know that you aren’t actually at the main office as you deal with their queries.

Greater Ease Of Providing Tailored Service To Customers

A cloud-hosted phone system can come with an impressive breadth of features. Gamma’s cloud-based phone service Horizon, for example, includes Speed Dials, Extension Dialing, Twinning and Time of Day Schedules in its long list of rich features.

Also, included is an Auto-Attendants feature that would let you redirect calls to the relevant departments and set up context-based greetings. These could answer FAQs, publicize special promotions and refer to special occasions that are on the way.

The Ability To Stay ‘In The Loop’ With New Features

One problem with sticking to a traditional landline system is that, unlike a cloud-based system, it won’t get any new technology or software upgrades over time. However, a cloud offering would let you quickly access new features as they arrive so that your phone service can stay future-proof. You wouldn’t want your business as a whole to fall behind, so why treat your phone service as an exception?

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