Smartphone VR Case Headset Brings VR To Your Pocket

What is the one thing that you bring everywhere you go? To the bathroom, to the kitchen, and possibly even to the grave? Your phone of course! And now the screen of your favorite device can be your portal to the world of virtual reality. Don’t have enough room in your bathtub for a VR headset? Try the Figment slim VR headset that snaps onto your phone! The days of Hello Kitty and rainbow unicorn phone cases are over, make way for the smartphone VR case headset. This cool gadget is exactly what it sounds like, an unbelievably slim VR eyepiece that can be attached to your phone. All it takes is the press of a button and the eyepiece springs into position, converting your phone into a VR headset.

You can now access VR content at anytime, anywhere. Whether you are standing in a line at a grocery store or are stuck in traffic that isn’t budging at all, just put on your VR headset and enter the kingdom of virtual reality. Even in the comfort of your home, why would you want to opt for a heavy and bulky headset when you can go for this feather light and slim VR headset instead. Although all good things come in small packages, they also come with some conditions attached. This headset may work, but it might not be as efficient, simply because the physical separation between the left eye’s content and the right eye’s content is missing. Also, since the slim VR headset sits on the back of your phone, scratched lenses are unavoidable, unless they are made from extremely abrasion resistant glass. The idea in itself is ingenious though, and we give full marks to Lee, Park, Jung and team for this brilliant design.

[pullquote]With a few minor improvements and upgrades, this smartphone VR case headset could rule the market of virtual reality devices.[/pullquote] After all, slim is the need of the hour. With the volume of efforts being poured into making one handheld device capable of solving all your problems, this slim VR headset is definitely a step in the right direction. We would not be surprised to see different versions of this device popping up on the shelves soon. We would recommend throwing out all clothes that do not have a pocket because your phone needs the human embrace now more than ever. It would not be a far-fetched assumption to say that it may even replace a certain four legged creature as your best friend. Be careful not to leave your phone within the jealous dog’s reach!

Your significant others will be relieved that you are not tied to the couch anymore, with a gigantic VR headset that resembles scuba diving gear. You can finally take them out for shopping; your smartphone VR case headset will provide ample entertainment while you wait outside the trial room for hours. Now that our phones offer the pleasures of virtual reality, we wonder when someone would make them capable of cleaning our rooms and finishing our chores. That is the only invention that could give fair competition to this incredibly awesome slim VR headset! – Designers: Jake (Jongha) Lee, Rich Park, Soohun Jung & BEBOP Designers. – Check out more awesome smartphone cases here.

Figment Slim Smartphone VR Case Headset

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