5 Things Why eSignatures.io Should Be Your Go-To e-signature Platform

We all have signed essential documents at some point in time. – In this era of modernization, where everything is getting digitized, handwritten signatures are being replaced by eSignatures. E-signatures are legally binding, save the time of an individual, and are cost-effective too. E-signatures are establishing their place everywhere, from the Government to the business or private sector. When it comes to the best e-signature service provider in the market, one name that pops out is eSignatures.io.

There are many e-signature platforms available but they are not the same. Choosing the right platform can make a real difference for your business, save you time and money. eSignatures.io stands out in many ways. To give you more insight into this platform, we have listed 5 reasons why eSignatures.io should be your go-to e-signature platform.

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1. You Get The Best Signer Experience In The Market

Every day, many people sign different documents on their devices. From laptops to smartphones to tablets, signing a document becomes equally easy and trouble-free with eSignatures.io because of the text-based approach of the platform instead of using pdf files in the signing process.

Since pdf files are complex and sometimes become unintelligent, they are hard to read on mobiles and make it difficult for the signer to fill in data and sign. On the other hand, a text-based approach provides an efficient and mobile-friendly signing experience where you enjoy the benefits of easily editable content and responsive contracts.

With eSignatures.io, you also get the feature of single-click signing, which is fast, efficient, and doesn’t require you to complete a complex process. Further, if you want to promote your brand, you can put your company’s logo and fonts on your contracts which look professional on different devices. As more than half of the internet traffic happens on mobiles today, Your customers’ signing experience can be dramatically increased by using eSignatures.io.

2. Best Platform For Reusable Templates

eSignatures.io is designed to set up templates that you can use frequently. If you want multiple people to sign your contract, you don’t have to create everything from the beginning. The whole process is hassle-free, and you can easily modify any details, such as conditions, prices, etc., in each contract. You can also easily collect data from your signers (name, date, or photo of ID cards) just by selecting the template to resend.

Other functions include bulk send, which can collect signatures from multiple signers via email or SMS. Further, you have the option to use QR codes or hyperlinks to collect signatures for standard agreements, forms, or waivers. eSignatures.io makes a difference for you and your colleagues. It will really make your life simple and efficient when it comes to getting your documents signed.

3. Pay As You Go Pricing System

eSignatures.io has simple pay-per-document pricing. They don’t require you to pay any monthly fees, there are no hidden fees, and you get unlimited templates, users, API, Zapier Integration, Bulk send, and much more. It is best for businesses that want to pay as their business grows. They also offer unlimited free trial in demo mode. In demo mode, you can use the whole service but they put a “demo” stamp on the contracts to indicate it is used for testing purposes. If you like the service, you just top up funds and can start sending live contracts.

4. Excellent For e-Signature Website Integrations

If you have your website or blog and you want your clients to sign documents from there directly, eSignatures.io has a feature for this too. With the eSignatures.io text-based approach, you get the option to create embedded sign pages on your website. It helps you manage your digital documents and functions as a part of your website. To embed sign pages with your website, you need to integrate with their API, and you are ready to go.

eSignatures.io offers you a flexible API for any integration needs. A short post sends a contract, and signatures start getting collected after that. A notification is sent out at every stage of the contract’s lifecycle.

5. No-Code Integrations

No-code integrations help non-technical users develop an application or use it without writing a single line of code. It is less time-consuming and makes you focus more on your business development.

eSignatures.io allows you to integrate with popular platforms such as Zapier and Integromat to connect with different apps such as Salesforce and Dropbox. All you have to do is copy the secret token code from eSignatures.io’s API setting and paste it to Integromat’s connection dialog.

Integration with platforms such as Zapier or Integromat also helps you connect to your favorite CRM or any other online document store such as Google Drive and Airtable. It gives you the authority to forward contracts directly from your CRM to the online document stores.


eSignatures.io is one of the fastest-growing e-signature platforms right now. This article tried to highlight the five reasons that should make it your priority. But these aren’t the only features you get, and you have a plethora of other additional features, too, like Placeholders, user management, two-factor identification, and much more. If you are looking for the best e-signature platform for your needs, we highly recommend trying out eSignatures.io.

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