5 Top Must-Have Accessories For Your iPhone

By far the most important gadget anyone owns right now is the smartphone. It is powerful enough to do most tasks you need to accomplish for work, and the apps available for download will certainly keep you entertained for hours and hours. For Apple fans, their gadget of choice is obviously the iPhone. Even after many iterations and a few controversial glitches, it still remains to be reliably powerful

However, there are just some things a chip in a device cannot do. For instance, the iPhone cannot zoom in to capture minute objects, nor can it play music for a whole room packed full of people. That is why accessories are available to make our smartphone experience even better. But before you start browsing iPhones and its countless accessories online at shops like Harvey Norman, here are some of the best recommendations.

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Anker Qi Wireless Charger

Whether you are still sporting the iPhone 6 or caved in and bought the iPhone X, this is a practical charger to have. The Anker Powerport Wireless Qi charger allows you to power up your phone without wires and plugs. You just need to place your phone on top of the sleek base. It will charge your phone 10% faster than wired chargers, has temperature control to avoid heating problems, and has overvoltage protection.

Portable Wireless Speaker

For this road trips with friends, picnics with family, and a kickin’ party at your house. This portable speaker from AmazonBasics is just under $20, and offers up to 8 hours of playtime on a full charge. It is very lightweight so you can easily bring it anywhere, has a built-in microphone so you can use it for hands-free calls, and comes with a 5mm AUX in jack for easy connecting just in case you do not want to pair it through Bluetooth.

Olloclip Core Lens Set

Smartphone cameras have evolved, not to replace dedicated cameras, but to serve as a good alternative for street and food photography. Apple has continuously improved their camera specs to better serve photographers and amateurs in their stint.

But to help enhance the photo taking experience, your phone will still need its camera gear. The Olloclip Core Lens Set includes a fisheye lens which has a 180-degree spherical effect and a Super-Wide Lens which has a 120-degree visibility that is perfect for landscape and big group photos.

Spigen Slim Armor Case

The Spigen Slim Armor Case allows you to lessen your load and bring only what you need in one reliable case. As a phone protector, it has a dual layer that provides shock-absorbent protection for your phone. It comes with a sliding cover to allow quick access to your phone without prompting any security issues.

There is a built-in depository which can store up to two cards and cash and comes with a secure lock. If you are traveling alone, this can be the perfect accessory to bring so that you would not need to rummage in a bag to get money or to fish out your phone.

Tribe AB37 Waterproof Sports Armband

To break the tediousness of work, most of us go to the gym or out for a run to keep fit, healthy, and sane. While we all have different fitness routines, there is one thing we all share when it comes to working out: music. It is not complete without a couple of our favorite tunes playing in the background while we do reps and squats.

For this, the Tribe AB37 Armband is the most secure holster to keep your phone in. It can fit iPhones from the 5 series up until X. You can adjust the Velcro strap to your arm size, and it is made with water-resistant neoprene and lycra band.

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