Health Monitoring Chip Implant To Be Available In Just A Few Years

Some people believe wearable tech is going to be huge in 2013. Tech woven into our clothes or even gadgets that we can wear is already on the rise, and I think we’re all eager to see what the winning concept will be this year. Many have mentioned the iWatch or some smartphone watch from Samsung or any of the other tech developers. But wearable tech is far more than tech we wear outside our bodies. There are even health chip implants being created as we speak that will make sure we’re all feeling healthy.

Giovanni de Micheli, pioneering scientist, has created a health chip implant measuring just 14mm that when put under the skin will be able to monitor and keep a close eye on health related levels. It will aid doctors monitoring patients who are suffering from diabetes or being treated with chemotherapy. It’s a tiny medical lab chip implant that could come to revolutionize how patients are treated.

Not only that, but it could also come to shorten the time it takes for a doctor to find out what is wrong with a patient, making it easier to treat him or her. This of course means that patients will have a better chance of survival if something is really wrong. The chip is powered by a battery attached with a patch on the outside of the skin to keep the chip implant’s size down.

Many people have long worried about putting chip implants into their bodies because of the fear of it being abused. But this health chip implant only transmits data (via Bluetooth), which means there is nothing to be worried about. No “input” can be transmitted to the chip implant thus making it impossible to cause anyone harm if hacked for example. Giovanni says that the health chip implant could be available for use in as little as 2 years.

For patients who require constant monitoring, it’s a great way to get more freedom into their lives. Needle tests and rocky treatments could be cut down to a minimum since the chip implant will monitor everything by itself and transmit the data to the treating doctor. It’s done without pain and without timely examinations. Wearable tech is not just things put into our clothes. It could very well become chip implants put into our bodies as well.

Health Chip Implant – Tiny Medical Lab