5 Unusual, Useful & Fun Inventions!

Are you a person who likes going into stores that sell anything and everything under the sun? You know, those places where you can buy trinkets, accessories, home gadgets and personal gizmos? I’m referring to those places where you don’t even need anything, but you end up buying something because you think you might have a use for it someday in the future? Aren’t you amazed at the people who invent that stuff?

I find inventors to be awesome people. They use their knowledge and creativity to make things that are useful to mankind. Imagine the thought processes they have to undergo to create that stuff. However, some of those things that are created are quite unusual yet still fun and very useful. They are items that at a glance may seem weird or out of the ordinary, and yet they can, in one way or another, make us productive or keep us entertained.

Nap Zapper / Dose Alarm – Just place them near your ear and when you get sleepy, it emits an alarm that will allow you to wake up.  This is particularly useful when you are driving and feel very sleepy.

Finger Flashlight – Tiny yet powerful gadget that will allow us to find our keys or items we loose.

iPotty – Now you can be entertained while in the bathroom. Its like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Shtick Signs – When you are mad and want to vent or rant but do not want to yell, you can now use signage to express how you feel.  Neat huh?!

Swiggies – No need to carry a water bottle, you can now wear them on your wrist.

Main Image Source – Are Other People Making Fun of Me?