5 Ways Technology Can Help A Dental Practice Grow

Dentistry, unlike in any other medical practice requires everything to be arranged systematically, especially when retrieving patient records. Years past, they used papers to file all the patient’s records. This was a tough task because everything had to be arranged manually in chronological order. In addition to this, a lot of patient information and other important files were lost in the process.

Treatment technology and information technology has helped to make work easier for all the dentists around the world. It has also made it easier for dentists using technology to improve dental recall. We all have those awful memories about going to the dentist. With technology, this will no longer be the scary and painful experience it once was.

Let’s now take a look at the 5 ways technology can help a dental practice grow.

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1. Tech-Friendly Diagnosis And Treatment

These are no longer the days when you had your tooth chiseled out. The diagnosis and treatment of the most common dental problems have become so much easier and healthier all thanks to technology. Nowadays, dentists can now use soft tissue laser surgeries when treating and correcting minor gum problems. We can also now see digital controlled mirrors used when removing tooth decay.

It also won’t be long before we can see some of the most complicated surgeries being carried out by computers. In addition to this, unlike in the days past when you had your tooth removed all because of a simple cavity, there are now biomaterials being created to fill them, thus preventing those painful root canal procedures.

All these developments in tech have made it possible to diagnose and detect the early warning signs of oral cancer that would be next to impossible to detect with the naked eye.

2. Digital Dentistry

These are computer-aided designs that incorporate the computer-controlled components rather than the manual and mechanical approach. This includes the laser tech, digital radiography, both extra and intra-oral photography, and computer-aided implant surgery. The other part of this tech involves electronic record keeping and data analysis. This has also made it easier to access dental care. What this means is that with all these techs, diagnosis is more precise where it’s easier to pinpoint your susceptibility from your digitized medical history. Here are some other benefits of digital dentistry.

  • Speed – This also helps to speed things up a bit. Instead of the many days it normally takes for your manufacturer to come up with your own customized veneer, crown, or bridge, all this can be developed right in your dentist’s office in no time.
  • Better Aesthetics – digital dentistry also allows for the creation of better and more natural- looking contours that match your other teeth. This means that you’ll still retain your identical healthy smile and appearance.
  • Better Quality – tech has also made it possible to create the most advanced non-metallic materials that would otherwise cause additional dental problems. This provides you with better natural designs in restoring your already lost teeth to match with your existing ones at no healthy costs.
  • Comfort – you now don’t need to be afraid of the gooey impression trays at your dentist’s office, those are long gone all thanks to the digital scanners. These offer you an accurate ending process of greater comfort.

3. Preventive Dental Innovations

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to your dental health. Numerous dental preventive measures have been put in place to prevent the most common dental problems. This can be seen in the manufacture of toothbrushes fitted with tracking devices that will show you all the areas of your teeth you aren’t brushing properly. They also come with timers to remind you at what time you need to brush and how for long you need to do it.

These innovations have gone ahead to include sensory abilities of the various oral diseases you may have by detecting them from your saliva or oral tissues. They can also detect your heart rate, the acidity in your Saliva and oral diseases before they become serious.

4. Making It Easier To Access Dental Care

Technology couldn’t have come at a better time. There are new developments that allow you to self-evaluate, do your own scanning at home or in a health community center. All these straight from your smartphone. This has made it simpler and easier to access dental care even from the most remote areas of the world. Using your smartphone, you can now upload all the information required online to an online dental service, get comprehensive analysis, diagnosis and treatment from a very proficient and qualified dentist from any part of the world.

5. LED Headlamps And Dental Loupes

Imagine going to the dentist and you come out hours later with the wrong tooth having been extracted, all because your dentist couldn’t see the affected tooth properly. This has for a long time been the case, but not anymore. These two technological innovations have completely revolutionized any dentist’s world. They can now see better! Practicing dentistry requires precision, the two items provide for better magnified and illuminated objects.

These dental instruments have also become more efficient and portable as compared to the days past. The advanced dental loupes provide the dentists with better visual acuity, improved treatment speed, minimized eye strain, and enhanced precision. They also allow the dentist to work in a more upright and natural posture and thus avoiding occupational strains and pains.

If you happen to be a dentist and still using the outdated methods and equipment, then it may be time to update your catalog. As you can see from the above pointers, technology has a lot of benefits in your practice. It may be the reason your client list is gradually reducing. Embrace technology because it comes with a lot of possibilities. In addition to this, as a patient, you are in the good hands of a dental practitioner who uses the most advanced technology for all your dental problems. This will help you to be properly diagnosed and treated. You still need a healthy and natural smile.