6 Best Management Features That Will Skyrocket Your Performance

Running meetings, planning and scheduling tasks, managing resources and budgets, analyzing reports, tracking work status are all hefty jobs we face in a project. We can use project management software to deal with these tasks by automating routine and time-consuming tasks and managing a large project team. Most of the companies nowadays are looking for a software solution which tackles all their problems and provides most of the features.

But, with so much variety of software available in the market, it becomes such a difficult task to choose the project management software which will skyrocket your performance. Don’t worry; we have covered you here! Here are six remarkable features you need to look in a project management software which boosts up your performance.

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1. Planning And Scheduling

One of the essential elements in project management software is planning and scheduling. A good project management software will assign tasks to the team members, set deadlines, and schedule the tasks into their workflows. You should also be able to add due dates with functions so that you get a notification whenever you are required to submit or complete the task assigned.

Prioritizing the tasks is one of the features which is extremely helpful whenever some urgent work pops up. You should be easily able to reschedule and prioritize any critical work without having the trouble to reschedule each of your remaining tasks of the day.

And one more important feature your project management software should have a universal shared calendar. We couldn’t agree more about how useful a shared calendar is when you plan a meeting, add due dates, and have a quick overview of the project.

2. Resource Management

Yes, your project management software manages the time of your team members perfectly, but what about resources other than time? Well, the project resources like meeting rooms and materials used in the project are as necessary as any additional resources.

It describes what type of resource you need at what critical time. It is also helpful in determining the cost of the project with the help of expenditure of resources deployed in the given project. This feature can help prevent overlapping of resources and ultimately help to save costs by a considerable margin.

And the project manager can assure that the team manager has all the resources they would require to complete the assigned tasks thoroughly. You can also check out the Top 10 Best Project Management Software and choose what fits best your demand.

3. Reporting

Your project management software should always have a reporting feature. The software automatically creates various insights on the strengths of the project or shortcomings of the same and correct them. These insights will also be quite helpful in future projects in analysis and decision making.

An excellent report gives an overall view of the project status and progress. There are also Gantt charts available which serve as an added feature to regular reports for better understanding the status of the project.

Many software offers an option to obtain customizable on-demand reports based on the need of the user. Based on the large data set inserted into the software, it can create reports like budget, expenses, task status, and team member’s performance. You can use the reports to reward the members who have performed well and take corrective actions immediately for any negative report.

4. Third-Party Integration

You should also check whether your software management tool supports integration with other third-party apps or not. This function will offer a smooth workflow process if it works seamlessly with apps like google drive, one drive, and dropbox to upload all the data on the cloud. The integration will help take your project management on another level.

5. Documentation

With the help of project management software, we can also manage data and collect it in one place. This feature will help remove data redundancy, and sharing any document would be so easy just with few clicks. Collecting all the data in one place means you would not have to spend much time in finding the material you need. And collective documentation will also strengthen the reporting process and speed up the process.

6. Collaboration

Project management software is nothing if it doesn’t offer useful collaboration features. Particularly your project management software must have file sharing and team communication features. Every team member should have the option to upload a file into the dashboard, and anybody who needs it in the team can access it quickly. This works seamlessly if you’re a growing freelancer or doing work-from-home jobs. You can keep track of all the ongoing processed with you and your colleagues.

Users can use file-sharing in many ways like shared calendars, contacts, customer data, and many more. You can also check whether the project management offers a feature like direct messaging to communicate easily with other team members.

These were the six remarkable features you should look in a project management software that will skyrocket your performance. Do make sure that whatever software you get, it has all these features we have listed.

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