6 Smart Appliances That Will Make Your Home More Relaxing

Technology certainly doesn’t stand still. Any business trying to sell its products will be looking for new and innovative ways to sell them. It is true that science geeks will be impressed by new inventions and product features. Having said that, market research reveals that most people are not particularly impressed by them. What they are looking for is solutions to their problems and needs.

Just as phones have turned into smartphones, many household appliances have taken on a new level of functionality. They can be set using a remote control and wifi, or even be given instructions from peoples’ mobile phones. This can certainly make peoples’ lives easier, and once people go ‘smart’ they are unlikely to go back. Let’s have a look at six smart appliances right now.

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1. Smart Heat Pumps/Air Conditioners

Temperature control is vital for most homes, and some appliances can provide heat and cool air when needed. It’s interesting that these ac residential systems possess both an outdoor condenser and an indoor section. Between two and eight rooms can be controlled by individual thermostats. Appliances that feature smart AC control can be as money-saving as they are effective. People can set their requirements by simply using an infrared remote and wifi.

2. Smart Steam Dryers

It is a luxury to be able to control these with one’s mobile phone, particularly if one had to rush off to work first. Not only can people choose the cycles to be used, but they can also download new ones. Some peoples’ electricity deals feature cheaper times for use, such as at night. People can therefore instruct the dryer when to start, and then forget it; the rest will be done for them.

Some appliances also feature sensors, and in this case, a warning can be received if any clothes were left in the machine by mistake.

3. Smart Washers

These can be excellent items in their own right, possessing a generous capacity. They can be controlled from a phone, wherever the person is. It can be a real gain for mum if she has been up and down stairs a number of times, and has forgotten to manually turn it on.

Smart washers can also include a ‘smart tumble’ option which is designed to stop the clothes attracting mildew or wrinkles. This is achieved by the machine lightly tumbling every two minutes until the items can be removed.

4. Smart Vacuums

These have sensors so they can navigate themselves around the home. They even possess digital cameras so they can see. Purchasers will be delighted when they merely have to instruct it, and walk away; the rest will occur as if by magic.

People can also point to an area of the house, and the vacuum will obey like a robot. These are great for people struggling with bad backs, and they even put themselves away at the end. Let’s hope toys and other junk will soon be able to do the same!

5. Smart Ovens

It’s hard to see how someone would need to operate it from another country, but it can be done nonetheless. It will save time and money for any employee if they can turn the oven on remotely using their phone from work. The oven will then be up to temperature by the time they get home. Users also receive status notifications. In this instance, the oven would now be up to temperature.

People can use voice control such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa when issuing instructions too. The ovens may include an internal camera to check on the cooking, and the option to vary the heat within two areas of the oven.

6. Smart Fridge Doors

Homeowners can monitor temperatures and humidity from anywhere with these. Notifications will also be sent if someone forgets to shut the door. (There’s no finger-pointing here, but was it a teenager?) This is a great safety function, protecting both the food and the eater.

People can also use the app to list items that need replacing. This means that the user can access the information while grocery shopping. This is a great benefit for people who have poor memories or who have gone shopping unexpectedly.

Home automation is a popular thing these days. All smart appliances use similar principles. They provide greater ease of use and can complement the peoples’ busy lifestyles. There are many other smart items too, including crock pots (slow cookers) – and no doubt there will be more to follow.

Over time, many of these features will become standard, and expected by customers. Technology can sometimes bring challenges in our lives, but it is great when it can benefit our lives at home.

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