6 Websites Every Software Tester Should Bookmark This Year

In the field of software testing, there are a lot of unanswered questions, but we have a lot of good questions as well. Every software tester aims to find answers to these questions, and with this intention and awareness about the latest updates in this field; we bring you an updated list of websites that will give you all the information every software tester needs.

If you are a software tester or test automation expert, then you must be wondering about the best place to get all your answers. It’s not like that one website could provide all the information that you need to know – requiring you to go on multiple websites to look for answers on topics like testing, software quality, test strategy, and many more.

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If you are a beginner and want to learn the art of software testing, then these websites will do the magic for you. The websites listed in this article are carefully handpicked by expert software testers, who have dedicated their lives to this domain.

These testers have also been featured in many conferences as keynote speakers, like- Agile Testing Days, Meet Testing Geeks, Software Testing Challenges, Gnowledge Software Testing Fest, Software Test Summit, ISTQB Conference, etc.

So if you are planning to learn test automation or start practicing as a software tester, then check out these top ten websites. In the previous year, we have witnessed an entirely new range of online tools joining in on the software testing industry – quite a few of which were restricted to the talent-only realm.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of top websites that are extremely useful to any tester. With these resources, you will be able to explore the software testing principles, trends and recent advancements. So read on!

Software Testing Help

The Software Testing Help is one of the most popular software testing websites with the best software testing tutorials, which basically focus on software testing and quality assurance topics.

Thousands of people every day visit their quality information on status, features, methodologies and tips related to software testing tools or any other topic pertaining to the software development industry.

Their platform covers software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, different features of testing tools, and interview questions.

They have helped thousands of professionals learn how to become better testers through our training. They are one of the most highly acclaimed software testing web portals on the internet with the best software testing tutorials, which basically focus on various testing tools and manual testing.

STH is renowned to be one of the industry’s most trusted resources for information on testing tools, methodologies, common coding mistakes, test automation approaches and strategies, different platforms used to overcome problems while testing etc. You will find software testing tutorials for novice testers so you can learn the main fundamentals of software testing.

Looking for help in selecting the right test strategy or tool? STH has it all. And they even have a weekly podcast series called Software Testing Radio.


Welcome to the world’s largest open community of software testers! uTest connects companies with professional testers from more than 140 countries, and has served over 30,000 projects.

Here, you can learn about testing tools and trends, find information and advice about your career in software testing, review pay per test project opportunities, and network with some of the brightest individuals in industry.

uTest is the world’s largest open community and professional network for software testers, with more than 200,000 expert industry contributors. Founded in 2004 and based in San Francisco, CA, uTest provides market-leading services to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Founded to support the software testing industry, uTest.com is a trusted community that has grown to become an online destination for software testers looking to advance their skills.

uTest is more than just an online community of testers. They strive to be the go-to resource for software testing education and best practices. Spread the word about uTest in your community and bring them closer to their goal of making testing easier, safer, and better!


With an aim to help people learn new skills and get better jobs, Guru99 has come up with all free training. Versatile courses like programming, testing, mobile app development, and new technology courses such as Python, Java, Big Data or Linux are available for instant learning here.

Guru99 is a platform that allows users to learn both online and offline. They provide free courses on software testing, Python, Java, Big data, and Linux.

Test your new courses in Guru99’s online training portal and learn from the best! They provide free software testing training and certification exams. You can choose between a wide range of courses like mobile application, data analytics, and job search to get started, or if you already have some theoretical knowledge, just go directly for a hands-on software testing course.

Their courses cover the most popular software tools including Selenium, QTP, and TestRail. Guru99 is a leader in IT software testing.

They provide video-based training for over 15 tools, including the latest ones. Over 7 million professionals like you have chosen Guru99 to advance their careers and expand their skills.

They have made the art of learning an enjoyable experience with their interactive platform that makes learning a fulfilling experience. Branches are made for every tested technology in order to make the learning process fun and easy.

LambdaTest Blog & Learning Hub

LambdaTest offers an online community for software testers. It gives you everything you need to learn about software testing and automation testing. You’ll find full software testing courses, live webinars, blogs written by experts, articles from best-selling authors and more.

LambdaTest software testing community is a website that offers test automation software for testing web and mobile applications. The community provides developers, engineers, and QA teams with a range of hands-on knowledge in the field of software testing and automation.

The videos allow viewers to learn all about test automation, and what it has to offer for the software community. The site offers live practical sessions to converse with its users. LambdaTest is one of the best communities for software testing professionals. You will learn how to automate frequently-repeated manual testing through our vast collection of code libraries and modules.

LambdaTest provides all software testers with relevant resources and topics on software development, digital marketing, automation, and many other related areas. Join the LambdaTest community to learn the latest trends in the software industry and obtain advice for improving your skills as a software tester.

LambdaTest provides a variety of test automation tools to help software testers and software developers. LambdaTest allows you to improve the quality of your applications by helping you diagnose bugs faster.

It is a community dedicated to software testing and makes its experts available to users. Be a part of the LambdaTest community and learn how to automate tests faster, better manage your testware and organize them in one place.

Initiating an automated testing strategy will give you an opportunity to save time, money and give an assurance that you ship only working software.


The DZone community is the biggest software development community on the planet. With 1 million members, you have a unique opportunity to share information and build successful careers.

To me, developer communities are as essential to my day-to-day coding activities as IDE tooling. DZone is one of the largest communities with a skyrocketing membership influx of over a million strong and counting, and they are doing something right.

When you’re developing a new product, are looking to hire developers, or just want to increase your success rates in hiring web developers, there is no better place to start than DZone.com’s vibrant community of developers and software professionals.

DZone is where developers come to read about the latest trends and technologies, share information, and learn from other developers. Because of the quality of our content, DZone is not just an online community where people hang out. Instead, it’s a tool that helps developers find the information they need quickly and easily.

The community is for software testers, DevOps practitioners, QA automation engineers, and anyone else who’s passionate about test engineering, QA processes, and best practices. DZone’s mission is to provide a one-stop shop for everything a software tester needs to thrive, from cutting-edge content to quality products. It’s a thriving community that spans the entire testing spectrum, providing thought leadership on subjects such as DevOps, test management and automation, and mobile test strategies.


TechWell develops and delivers solutions for the software industry. They are a trusted, independent media brand delivering online communities and online conferences, providing up-to-date information on emerging trends and the latest ideas, and breaking news across technology.

TechWell is a community of software professionals and students who think innovatively, work collaboratively, and create technology that has an impact in the business world. Their conferences, online communities, and publications help you make better decisions with the technology you use in your work.

TechWell has been around for a long time and has lots of valuable content. Their webinars are the best way to learn about new technologies, which have helped many extend their career beyond what they ever expected.

As the leader in software conferences, training, and certification, TechWell Corporation helps companies large and small navigate a rapidly changing technology landscape.

Conference attendees include software development managers, testing managers, programmers, testers, project managers, and architects. TechWell is an international company specializing in software engineering and testing.

They have the largest library of educational content in the industry and are committed to providing businesses with quality solutions. They’re constantly developing new products and making improvements on old ones.

TechWell offers a variety of conferences and training that are specifically designed for individuals and companies who work within the software development industry.

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