7 Reasons Why Your Mobile Email Campaign Is Failing [Infographic]

If you plan to run an email campaign for the holidays, there is still time to get started. You can even access this Holiday Email Marketing Schedule to get a calendar with a timeline. We’ve written about email marketing many times, and there are no surprises there about what’s involved. However, I just learned today that 40.1% of all email campaigns are opened on a mobile device. That is a huge number, and it means the importance of mobile marketing permeates all the way into email marketing.

If you have tried an email marketing campaign tailored for mobile users and failed, there could be some simple things you can tweak to make it a success next time. This infographic called Are You Losing Out? 7 Ways To Run An Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign (by ReachMail) goes through 7 common reasons why mobile email marketing campaigns fail.

When you read the things on this infographic, they seem obvious, but they are still easy to overlook. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to purchase something through my smartphone, and I couldn’t find the button to pay or the scale was all messed up. None of these things are hard to fix, it’s just a matter of not forgetting these details. I also found another useful resource for this here on Slideshare.

Like we always say in our articles, email marketing is not bad. As a matter of fact, it’s the most effective form of online marketing. It’s just that so many people are unprofessional about the way they set up their campaigns, and that disregard and disrespect for email users and spam pollutes it for everyone else. I hope you enjoy this infographic and good luck!

7 Reasons Why Your Mobile Email Campaign Is Failing


Via: [Social Media Today]