LEGO Calendar Now Sync With Almost All Scheduling Platforms

You might remember us writing about a geeky way to organize your schedule a while back that involved the almighty LEGO block. The design and execution of the idea was flawless, and I guess you would expect nothing less when you’re dealing with a product design and invention studio, in this case Special Projects. Back then this LEGO calendar could sync with Google Calendar but many wanted more options, and the studio didn’t disappoint.

Most of us use different tools when we organize our living and now most of us can sync our LEGO calendar with whatever software we are using. Excited? You should be, because the syncing is as easy as snapping a picture, and you’re all set. It’s literally that easy, and it will save us a lot of time, not to mention, we’ll have a lot more fun organizing out lives using the LEGO brick.

The team behind this impressive feat is Adrian Westaway, Clara Gaggero and Duncan Fitzsimons, who decided that the old paper-based organizers were too “yesterday” and came up with something more creative and fun. The LEGO calendar is mounted on the wall and by using your smartphone you can take a picture of it and then use the specially developed software, created by Special Software, you can sync the LEGO calendar with pretty much any scheduling platform you might be using.

One of the more brilliant features is the ability to use the calendar in large groups of people. If changes are made by other team members, they simply have to snap a picture of the changes and then upload the new layout and the changes will be instant. The simplicity is mimicking the creativity of the LEGO block itself. Something that I am sure is going to make a lot of people happy.

The software is now on its second version and the combined effort from Simon Emberton (who worked on the first version) and Julia Eichler (who contributed to the second version) of putting it together has proved to be nothing less than perhaps one of the most unexpected marketing boosts for Special Projects studio. The fact that millions of people now will be able to enjoy putting up their own LEGO calendar is testament to the geekiness and ingenuity this studio represents.

You can gain more knowledge about the LEGO calendar and the software making it all possible over at the official LEGO Calendar website. It is jam-packed with information that is sure to inspire you to have a go at this rather genius approach to scheduling and organizing.

LEGO Calendar – The Ultimate Way To Organize Your Schedule

LEGO Calendar Software Sync

LEGO Calendar Software Sync

LEGO Calendar Software Sync