7 Video Editing Tips You Must Know In 2022

As video content continues to become more important, making a good impression on your audience is key. That means it is imperative to create interesting content that grabs their attention, which is also well-produced and edited to compete with huge amounts of rival content out there. Whatever your market or niche, there are plenty of tricks and tips to learn that will help your video content shine.

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Choosing The Right Editing Software

With some 87% of video makers reporting a positive return on investment (ROI), video is a marketing or promotional effort that needs to be taken seriously. Even if you are just a happy-go-lucky streamer, you need to make an effort to deliver a good-looking show. To that end, the right editing software that meets your needs, and delivers a good product to the audience is a key element of any video content effort.

Look for features such as trimmers, video background removers, green screens, noise removers, and blurring. There are plenty of video editing and production software roundups to help you choose based on your budget or skill level.

The key is to figure out what you need to make your videos look good, be it slick and professional results, or quirky creative touches, and find an app with easy-to-use features which delivers those results. For example, if you plan to make more educational videos, you need to look for additional features such as a screen recorder.

Build The Right Video Content Stable

From product highlighters to tutorials, interviews to live streams, you need the video editing tools to make the right presentation. Short and punchy clips need to be highly focused, while longer-form video needs elements that break it up to keep viewers’ attention. As part of your video strategy, focus on creating different types of content to keep things fresh.

Then look at editing elements that should be consistent across all types, such as an opening and outro sequence. Finally, build an editing roster of features for each type of content and find software that will automate the creation of those tricks, from pop-ups to video-in-video, to build engagement and interest.

Experiment With Your Software

Having built a stable of content, you can start diving deeper into the features of your editing software to find new or different elements to add to your videos to keep elevating your art. Even live streamers are always looking for new ways to drive likes and subscribers, and business or marketing content producers should do the same.

Learn to use transitions and effects in different ways, find apps that can use multiple video streams of the same event to create more dynamic videos, and focus on shortcuts and automation so you don’t have to spend too long in the edit suite. You might also want to keep an eye out for AI software that helps you quickly create videos for social media posts and ads.

Make The Product The Star

It is natural for people to want to appear in videos, but when it comes to products, many can “speak” for themselves with a well-produced sales or marketing video. Using the right balance of text information, a voice-over or animation can make your products stand out and reduce the reliance (and focus) on a person.

There are plenty of video editing tricks you can use to make these additions look interesting, to add impact, but keeping the focus on the product with some artful rotation and fly-around effects to present it in a different light.

Focus On Video For TikTok And Live Streaming

You may have an established YouTube presence and plenty of videos across your website or store. But the market and your audience are moving on, with streamers and TikTok marketing winning over new viewers and customers.

The trick is to learn the benefits of each type of video platform, the editing tricks you can add to each type of content, and ensure your own brand or product cuts through the noise to stand out, whatever else is going with each video.

Make Music, Transitions, And Cuts Work Together

Something should be happening every 10 seconds or so across a video to keep people interested. Whether a business interview or a product guide, a live event recap or a stream, use music or audio cues, video transitions, and cuts to create something that’s visually interesting while not appearing too scratchy or jumpy. Look at good examples of video productions and borrow the timing and pacing ideas from them, with your own creative touches to make each element distinct.

Turn Text Content Into Video

With video becoming the dominant form of marketing and information content, you can upscale old video and PowerPoint content into videos using smart marketing tools and video builders. These will take the effort out of creating video, enable you to focus on adding creative touches and help bulk out your content. Whatever your audience, focus on mastering your editing software, finding ways to add distinctive video elements, and using them to build a broad range of content to grow your audience.

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