8 Tips To Perfect Your Mobile Photography Skills [Infographic]

With photo sharing networks being so popular today, people take millions and millions of photos each day. Our smartphones are literally brim-packed with them, and our galleries just keep growing. Some people have perfected their mobile photography skills to the point where you can no longer see the difference between the photos from their mobile phone and photos from an HDR camera. Slight exaggeration perhaps but there are ways to really make your photos pop.

So what can you really do to perfect your photos? Let’s consult an infographic called  Phone-Tography 101 presented by Totally Rad to see exactly what we can do to achieve photo perfection.

I have written a few articles in the past, all dedicated to mobile photography, and it always comes down to one thing, light. With the right amount of light any photo can look like a money shot. Why do you think Apple always shows pictures of a sunny beach? Well, you have your answer right there. With the right amount of light, the camera is able to store much more detail in a way it is unable to do when it’s dark. That is why you sometimes experience a grainy photo when taken in a low light environment. Light is everything, so make sure you have lots of it on the subject you are photographing.

What more? Well, your personality can have a huge impact on how your mobile photography is expressing itself. If you’re shy there is a very good chance that you will never get that awesome shot, so don’t be scared, go for the pictures you want! Well, unless it is a restricted area, then that is always a big no-no. Get out there and find those rare shots. Mobile photography is all about being mobile. Use the essence of the word to your advantage.

Furthermore, get close! Too many times I have looked at photos shared on the Internet and wondered, -“What is it exactly that I am supposed to look at?” Getting closer to your subject will erase all doubts and the viewer will immediately understand what he or she is meant to see. I am not an expert on mobile photography, but seeing what is intended to be seen is kind of the point, wouldn’t you agree?

Have a look at this infographic and really get into each of the 8 tips. No doubt they are going to help you perfect your mobile photography skills to a point where people will be at a loss for words. Express your own imagination through the photos you take. You do that best by being daring, curious and immersing yourself in creativity. Show us your imagination!

8 Invaluable Tips To Perfect Your Mobile Photography

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8 Mobile Photography Tips Infographic

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