8 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website [Infographic]

If you are trying to build traffic to your website, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of details to consider when you actively start trying to gain a following of loyal, return visitors. Every piece of the blogging puzzle matters, and all those pieces work together to create your blog’s own ecosystem which will grow over time. Not only do the obvious things matter like how often you post new articles and the content itself, but other things that you might not have thought of also factor into this complex equation.

Richard and I have learned so much from Bit Rebels over the past three years, and I laugh now when I think about some of the things we did way back in the beginning. I’m sure in a few years from now, I’ll look at what we did today and giggle too. That’s just how it works. You pick a place to start and move forward. You learn from your mistakes every single day, and you never ever stop, or at least that is what we do.

I remember one incident which happened a few years ago. We had someone approach us who wanted to do a large ad on Bit Rebels. It was an ad that blocked part of the content at the bottom of the screen, but the reader could scroll around it. We accepted the ad and the money. Our readers sent us complaints every day about how it was ruining their experience on the site. We immediately regretted that we had done that, but we were committed to the advertiser for 30 days, so we had to leave it there for the whole month. We learned a humongous lesson with that one, and never again will we accept any kind of ad that detracts from our reader’s experience.

The lesson here is that your readers always come first, no matter what. If you always appreciate them and do what’s best for their experience when they are on your blog, you will be making the right decisions. I could go on and on by sharing other things we’ve learned over the years, but to keep this article from being too long, I’ll save those for another day.

As a blogger, you work hard to get people to your site, and the last thing you want to have happen is that they see something when they get there that makes them want to leave quickly. You want to not only attract new visitors, but you want them to stay on your blog for a little while to see what you have to offer, right? In order to make that happen, it’s important to know what will make them leave your website so you can avoid doing those things.

This infographic called What Makes Someone Leave A Website? by KISSmetrics covers a lot of these details really well. They’ve listed 8 reasons why someone might want to leave your website. If this is something you’ve wanted to learn more about, hopefully this will help you understand some of the blogging mechanics that have a role in whether someone stays or goes. Good luck!

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Via: [KISSmetrics] Header Image Credit: [BlogHer]