8 Ways You Can Pimp Out Your Phone With The Right Accessories

Looking for accessories that you can use to spice up your phone without compromising your convenience? There are varieties of gadgets and accessories which are designed for pimping the phones. Some are apps that you can customize on the phone while others are equipped with the outer parts of the phones.

Eight ways that you can pimp out your phone using the accessories.

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1. Fitbits

These are gadgets which designed in the form of a wristwatch for easy monitoring of your phone. The fitbits are compatible with the smartphone cells, such as the iPhones and Samsung. You can utilize the fitbits for controlling your phone if you don’t want to keep on taking out the phone from the pocket. The Fitbit accessories can also be used for tracking one’s workout progress if you have installed any workout apps on your smartphone.

2. Multipurpose Case Cover

A case cover is an essential accessory that protects the phone from breaking or cracking if you happen to drop it on the ground. The cases come in different types and designs whereby some are designed with a flipping form to provide adequate safety for the entire phone. A multi-purpose case covers are equipped with more than one storage space.

Some have cardholder areas, a small purse where you can keep your money and others come with a zip. So, if you want to minimize the chances of carrying a bag around, this would be the perfect phone case to buy. They also come in different designs and colors for one to choose from.

3. Smart Pocket VR Accessory

This is the best phone accessory that you can carry around, and it can be used anywhere. The principal function of this accessory is to offer protection to your phone, especially when going on outdoor areas, but it also makes a phone look elegant. It is formed into a sleek design which makes it easy to slip in the pocket. The sides of the accessory are equipped with lenses which prevent the phone from getting scratched or breaking. Note that such accessories are crafted in different sizes and styles to fit various phones.

So, the smart pocket VR for Huawei phone is different from Samsung’s. When purchasing this accessory for a Huawei phone, focus on searching for Huawei Phone Accessories and also know the dimensions of your phone to get a proper fitting.

4. Wireless Earphones

Long gone are the days when people walked around with earphone dangling while walking in the streets. You can listen to your music quietly without anyone noticing by the use of these great wireless earphones. Although they are a bit expensive than other traditional headsets, they are quite comfortable and fun to wear as well. The wireless earphone still allows you to pick the phone, mute the music, and shuffle the music as well without having to take out your phone.

5. Bowled Over Accessory

Are you the kind of a person who cannot eat without continually checking on the phones? Well, this accessory right here will be perfect for you. It may seem simple, but it helps you to monitor your phone while you have your meals and watch your favorite movie at the same time. It is a bowl which is designed with a phone dock on the front part. The container is made of durable and heat-resistant materials which allow you to put in any foods. It is also safe since the phone sticks firmly on the dock.

6. Selfie Stick

Almost everyone in the world has a Selfie stick. Only a few people may be those who do not enjoy talking selfies especially group Selfie don’t find it convenient. A selfie stick is a reliable accessory which enables one to take photos from different angles and height as well. It is suitable for positioning the phone camera for clear shots.

7. A smartphone Fan

This is a must-have accessory for people are always on the move. This item comes in different designs and is crafted for both Android and smartphones. The smart fan helps to help you stay cool as you enjoy your phone browsing or even taking selfies. The fan is directly plugged in the phone at the bottom or side areas and provides a cool breeze.

8. Phone Speaker Corner

If you are looking for a gadget that will amplify your phone sounds, then a speaker’s corner is the best accessory to buy. They are crafted in small size, which makes it easy to fit in small corners of the table. The speaker has other features which allow the user to set the sound volume and other phone functions.

Make it even more fun to use your phone by using the above eight discussed phone accessories. They are made for different phones, and therefore, all you need to do is search for the perfect match for your phone.

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