A Green(er) Apple

The electronics and software brand we all know and love (some of you lust), Apple,  is turning green-er. Apple recently unveiled Apple and The Environment. The website reveals all the dirty details of the company’s environmental practices such as its earthly cost from manufacturing, transportation, product usage and overall carbon emissions.

Apple’s disclosure features a lifecycle analysis of its products and their packaging, material usage, CO2 emissions for products, individual product environmental reports, and a timeline of the companies environmental achievements.

The website is an interesting step for Apple. On one hand it shouts the huge toll its products take on the environment (especially compared to HP and Dell who are said to be more environmentally friendly). However, on the other hand it acknowledges a real issue by showcasing its own problems and bettering efforts. I am anxious to see if other major players follow suit and put their own cards on the table for all to see.

Taken from Apple and The Environment:




What do you think: should all major companies reveal its effect on the environment and its active steps to sustainability online for all to see?