A Mini Cooper Turned Into A Badass Gaming Chair

Playing games has become an art form, and we’re constantly trying to break the boundaries of the technology at hand.  We’re constantly trying to come up with new concepts that will astound the buyers and ultimately put the game on the top of the charts.  Doing that doesn’t always involve just coming up with a new type of game or the best graphics.  Even though it always tickles us when we see something that looks like the reality we’re living in, it can sometimes not be enough to keep us playing for days on end.  It has to deliver a real experience as well.  We all know we love stuff that will give us that awesome thrill while we’re still perfectly out of harms way.

That’s exactly what designer David Gawthorpe knows.  He managed to create the ultimate experience, but be prepared, it doesn’t come cheap.  As a matter of fact, you will have to cough up almost $13,000 ($12,883) to get this uber-geeky experience.  So what is it?  Well, it’s a Mini Cooper turned into a gaming chair, and it’s everything you ever wanted a gaming chair to be.

So if you’re playing Gran Turismo 5, for example, then you can bet that you’re the only one within miles that is doing it in badass style right there in your living room.  Kick back in your own little car all pimped out with whatever you can think about including sub-woofers, speakers in every corner, a steering wheel, pedals, and of course a kick-ass seat to park your butt while playing.

Gaming awesomeness just doesn’t come in a better experience.  It’s available now in David’s own little shop.

Gaming Chair From Mini Cooper

Gaming Chair From Mini Cooper

Gaming Chair From Mini Cooper

Via: [Metro]