A New Lamborghini? | Lambo Is the New Black!

The dream is present in most boys and it never really fades away with age. We all dream about having one, and for most people, it stay just that, a dream. But the beauty and the constant renewal of original design keeps our eyes focused on this car year in and year out… by now you probably know what car I am talking about, don’t you?

Yup, it’s the Lamborghini of course. It’s the farmer that turned sports car manufacturer only to literally show Ferrari how to make a real car. Its shape always depicts the future in every line and with each year that passes by it gets sexier and sexier with each new incarnation. The question is really, where will Lamborghini go from here? Do they have designers good enough to draw up yet another classic car to put in the hall of fame like all the previous models?

After seeing these new pictures of what looks like a new Lamborghini model, done by designer Slavche Tanevski, I have no doubt that Lamborghini will be able to stun us all once again. The car somewhat reminds me of the Batmobile, but still it catches my interest. The lines are very unconventional and it somewhat works against Lamborghini’s idea of air flow. But, nevertheless, it looks as sexy as it has always been. I can truly see this car on the road and I would hope for Lamborghini to actually put a few in circulation. If even just for sports. The idea and design is just outstanding.