A Stylish Bicycle Helmet That Fits In Your Pocket

I realize before you read this article you are going to either love this or hate this based on the pictures. Before you form an opinion, hear me out. I ride my bike every week, it is my primary source of exercise, but I don’t wear a helmet because they are ugly and cumbersome.

This helmet is not only cute, but it collapses down into a small compact little thing that can fit into your back pocket. How perfect is that? This much needed stylish helmet was created by French designer Andrien Guérin and it’s called the “TopUp.”

According to http://www.yankodesign.com, “The TopUp Head Protection for cyclists and walkers is an exploration of the honeycomb pattern. The brief was to design a gear that was is light and compact and that could deal with minor bumps and falls. The honeycomb was an obvious choice for its impact resistance and shock absorption qualities.” Unfortunately, this helmet is not available yet. It’s currently a prototype. You may think it looks funny. Go ahead, laugh it up, I’m going to be sporting one of these the moment it becomes available. :)