Top 7 Futuristic Bike Lights Making Cyclists Safer

Commuter cycling is on the way up. It is not surprising that in the resultant arms race of visibility, cyclists are adorning themselves with ever-brighter lights. However, brighter is not always better; very bright lights can dazzle, and blind drivers are generally bad drivers. I am pretty sure anyone would agree that it’s beneficial to both cyclists and drivers that cyclists wear something to make their presence known. People’s lives literally depends on it.

In an attempt to help you more become visible and safe while out taking a ride in dark conditions, we have tried to locate a number of futuristic bike lights that take on the task of making people safer in a different approach.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of bike light concepts out there that has yet to be realized. However, we have concentrated on the ones that actually exists and that you can get your hands on right now. So without due, here follows a run-down of some of the most futuristic bike lights that are trying to be smarter, not brighter.

1. Commuter X4 By Veglo – (Kickstarter)

An X-shaped, fiber optic rear light that fits over your backpack or shoulders. The Commuter X4has a central projective light which is highly luminous and compact. This rear bike light help drivers judge distance, width and speed of cyclists. The magic lies in the 4 fiber optic light guides.

Problem: A regular, single point of light provides little information about the cyclist.

Answer: The unique x-shape provides multiple focus points, resulting in increased depth perception of drivers. This helps them better judge the distance, width and speed of cyclists.

Problem: Two thirds of cyclists killed or injured in the UK were involved in a collision at or near a road junction [1].

Answer: The Commuter X4 provides a side profile for the cyclist, helping them to remain visible when traffic is turning, or perpendicular to the cyclist.

Problem: HGV drivers cannot see lights fixed on the seat post, under the saddle.

Answer: The wearable light worn around the back or backpack is clearly visible to drivers positioned above the cyclist.

Commuter X4 – The Magic Lies In The 4 Fiber Optic Light Guides

Veglo Commuter X4 Bike Light

Top Futuristic Bike Lights

Commuter X4

2. Brainy Bike Lights

A front and rear bike light that incorporates the universally recognized bicycle symbol. The brainy idea behind them is the use of an illuminated bike symbol as the front and rear bike lights. This bike symbol light‎ has the ability to give cyclists powerful standout both day and night. Offering amazing visibility and ultra sharp standout at up to 20 meters in urban light clutter.

Problem: Increased amount of lights and visual clutter on urban roads make it difficult to quickly identify cyclists.

Answer: The easily recognizable symbol allows drivers to identify cyclists more quickly and respond faster to their presence on the road. The symbol so triggers relevant associations in driver’s minds, including vulnerability and recognition of the cyclist as a person.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights

Brainy Bike Lights

3. Double O. Bike Lights

An O-shaped front and rear light that you can lock up with your bike. Double O bike lights have magnets inside so putting them on and taking them off is hassle free. Double O’s snap together magnetically to protect the LED face. Then you can thread them onto your lock and leave them secured with your bike.

Problem: Expensive bike lights get stolen when left on your bike, but if you put them in your bag you may lose them (I certainly do).

Answer: O-shaped bike lights magnetically attach to their mounts and to each other. You can then slip them through your D-lock when you lock your bike up.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights

Double O

4. Blaze Laserlight

The Laserlight is a LED bike light with a laser that projects the symbol of a bicycle 5-6 meters ahead of the cyclist to tackle the most common cause of cycling accidents – vehicles turning across an unseen bike. The classic blind spot scenario is the greatest danger to cyclists.

Problem: The most common cause of cycling accidents involves vehicles turning across unseen cyclists [2].

Answer: The Laserlight alerts vehicles of the unseen cyclist and prevents drivers from turning across their path. It gives the cyclist a bigger footprint on the road.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights

Blaze Laserlight

5. Revolights

Front and rear lights attached to the hub of the wheel. As the wheel revolves the lights maintain their position. Revolights provides a functional headlight, brake light and true  360º visibility in one fully-integrated design.

Problem: Forward and backward facing bike lights cannot be seen from the side. The length of the bike and cyclist cannot easily be determined.

Answer: Revolights increase the rider’s front, back and side visibility, whilst providing a front-projected light.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights



Rear laser light that projects a bike lane onto the road around the cyclist. Super-bright LEDs, longer lasting, brighter bike lane, the bike lane will go some way to tackling two serious causes of cycling fatalities – being caught in the blind spot, or vehicles turning across an unseen cyclist.

Problem: Cyclists are often caught in the driver’s blind spot, and most cycling accidents involve vehicles turning across unseen cyclists [2].

Answer: The bike lane goes some way to keeping the distance in between cars and bicycles.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights


7. See.Sense.

See.Sense. is the first cycle light that can respond to your situation, flashing brighter and faster in response to road risks. It commands attention by improving your visibility. It uses advanced sensor technology to monitor you, the bicycle and your environment. In situations where you need to be seen most, like a road junction or filtering in traffic, it flashes vividly to make you more visible.

Problem: Cyclists are often not seen in situations where accidents are most likely to happen.

Answer: The responsive light commands attention when it is required most.

Problem: Bike lights are not responsive to changes in light.

Answer: See.Sense responds to sudden changes in light, such as when you travel into a tunnel or headlights are approaching at night.

Top Futuristic Bike Lights



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