Accessories To Enhance Your Television Watching Experience

People are spending more time at home in 2020 than they have for many years thanks to coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings. One of the ways they have passed the time is by watching television and movies from home. Some electronics manufacturers have picked up on this trend and built a market around television accessories. Below are some of the most innovative releases of the past several months.

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Universal Remote Control

People often have multiple electronic devices to play different types of media. The problem is that each comes with its own remote, which can make it difficult to remember which remote belongs to which device. The best universal remote controls have compatibility with all home entertainment systems for easy access and control of the units.

Advanced models of universal remote controls allow users to create macro systems that enable them to use their entertainment systems in unique ways. For example, a sporting event will seem more realistic with brighter light while movies need less light to produce an authentic viewing experience. A universal remote makes it possible to easily switch between settings without needing to page through individual menus. Some units can turn on multiple devices at once for viewers who appreciate surround-sound quality.

Wireless Earbuds For TV Audio Streaming

People with mild to moderate hearing loss who may not be ready for hearing aids often strain to hear the TV without turning the sound up so loud that it annoys others. Others may struggle with the clarity of sound even though the volume is fine.

Nuheara has created a solution to this common problem by pairing its IQbuds2 MAX product with IQstream TV. With this Bluetooth-enabled device, users can program the listening experience according to their own hearing profile and never miss another thing again. The sound from the television, which plays directly into the user’s ears, offers an exceptional level of clarity not found in related devices.

Adjustable Television Legs

Wall-mounted flat screen televisions are all the rage, but not everyone has the space or the right type of television to pull it off.  However, people can still have a quality watching experience by placing their television set on top of a stand with adjustable legs. Manufactured by a company called Hemendu, the adjustable TV legs stand at three different heights based on user preference. People can also tilt the television stand to help achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Amazon Fire 4K TV Stick

Amazon’s latest version of a television stick allows users to stream media from their favorite services such as HBO, Hulu, or Netflix. That means they don’t have to rely on a cable box or physically hold onto Blu-ray discs. It is also possible for users to stream media from their computer using an HDMI adapter with their Amazon Fire 4K TV stick. Those who are Amazon Prime members have access to thousands of television shows and movies free or at a reduced cost.

This device comes with the voice-activated assistant Alexa already built into it. Users can search for media by voice commands. It does not currently sync with YouTube, but users can access the site using a web browser.

Spending so much time at home might not have been many people’s first choice this year, but these TV accessories at least make it more enjoyable.

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