Ad Spy Tools – What Is It

To maximize the efficiency of their advertising campaigns, digital marketers rely on ad spying tools. From this article, will get to know about the types and benefits of such tools.

To run efficient advertising campaigns, digital marketers need to keep up with the trends of their industry. They should analyze the efficiency of their own ads and monitor the activities of their competitors. For this, they should use Ad Spy Tools. The readers of this article will get to know about different types of such tools and will discover smart tips on how to make the most of them.

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Ad Spy Tools — What Is It

These are automated instruments that help professionals to get relevant data quickly and with minimum effort. They find working ad creatives, gather information about them, and send these insights to a cloud. Spying tools rely on bots and fake accounts in social networks. Users can access the collected statistics through a handy web interface. The can sort the data by its geographical location, browser, device type, display time, and other parameters.

The interface of most tools is intuitive and user-friendly. You just sign up, log in to your account, enter a keyword, set the relevant search parameters, and begin the search. Once you get the results, you can save them and use the obtained insights for your future campaigns.

Who Uses Spy Tools And What For

Digital marketers use spying tools to find efficient bundles. The term “bundle” denotes the combination of a source of traffic, creative, offer, and affiliate program. The goal of any marketer is to send the right message to the right audience at the right moment. The data that spying tools will provide you with will enable you to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns.

Types Of Ads You Can Spy On

Thanks to these tools, you can spy on the following types of ads:

  • Mobile
  • Teaser
  • Native
  • Push notifications
  • Ads in search engines
  • Ads in social networks

Most spying tools are specialized. This means they can work with 1-2 types of ads. Universal tools that try to handle all types of ads at once are typically not too accurate and efficient.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook has a negative attitude towards collecting information without its knowledge. Only a few spying tools are authorized to work officially on this social platform. Plus, many others bypass the ban and operate in the network illegally (which does not tell on their accuracy). Since Instagram and Facebook belong to the same owner, many tools that can work with one of these platforms are valid for the second one too.

Push Ads

Such tools connect to large push networks to collect detailed insights. There is no other way to analyze this type of ad. They become available to consumers for an extremely short time. They are targeted at individuals so there are no groups that you could join or platforms where you could create a fake account.

Native Ads

Spying tools of this type look for ad units on websites, index them, and enable the user to search and sort through them. They can index landing pages with natives ads too. Thanks to these tools, you will detect top converting landing pages, identify spending shifts in the marketplace and uncover new premium advertisers. Some creative solutions that you come across might turn into sources of inspiration for your own campaigns.

Other Types Of Advertising

Mobile apps contain a lot of advertising. Unfortunately, analytical reports that apps compile with their in-built functionality are usually not too accurate. To monitor the performance of in-app advertising, specialists resort to spying tools.

Instagram Ad Spy Service

You can manually track the ads that your competitors run on Instagram. But that would take too much time and effort. You will need to visit the profile of each competitor, tap on the icon with three horizontal dots in the right top corner, tap the About the Account option in the dropdown menu and then tap the Active Ads option. Spying tools enable you to automate and accelerate this process.

Recommendations For Using Ad SPY Service

Spying tools can handle ads in any language. Yet it does not mean that you should simply translate your English keywords in a foreign language and apply them to a foreign market. Launch Google Analytics and search for keywords that correspond to your queries in a particular area, using the native language of the residents of this area.

The ideal search interval is 1-2 weeks. Over such a period, banner blindness will not yet develop — but you will have enough time to understand whether the campaign is working.

Fine-tune your search. Target your spying tools only at those competitors who have more or less the same marketing budgets as you. It does not make sense to analyze the advertising strategies of large international brands because they can afford to spend much greater funds on promotion than you.

Use all the filters that your spying tool of choice features. Sort the data by one or multiple parameters, analyze the results and define the characteristics of an efficient campaign.

Never copy other people’s ideas. Instead, use them as a basis for your own creativity. Adapt all the concepts that you use to each of the markets that you work with. Keep track of things that work and of those that fail. Before launching a campaign, make sure that it does not correspond to any failure patterns.

Regularly update your list of competitors. The easiest way to do it is to use Google. Type in the search field those requests that people use to find your brand. Analyze the search results on the first several pages. Target your spying tools at all these rivals.


Ad Spy Tools are a popular and efficient method of estimating the performance of your advertising campaigns. Dozens of tools are available on the market. Avoid the ones that can allegedly work with any platform and any sort of ads. Those instruments that were built to work with 1-2 platforms and ad types are much more accurate. Thanks to spying tools, you will be able to better target your campaigns and increase your income.

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