The Android Spy Age – How Software Filters Disloyal Employees

The very first call made using a mobile phone happened in 1973, about forty-four years ago. The senior engineer at Motorola, Martin Cooper, was the one who introduced this technology. At that time, the first mobile phone weighed 1.1kg and was large enough, 228.6 x 127 x 44 mm to be exact. Today, mobile phones have become even lighter and thinner. In short, they are more convenient to carry around in your pocket. In fact, mobile technology is not limited to cell phones but extends to tablets, iPad, and iPods. Besides, these new gadgets are not just for making calls. They allow you to check Facebook the first thing when you wake up. You can read emails on the go, install games, and take photos or make videos at any time and share them. An additional technological advancement that had to accompany the mobile age is the Android spy age.

Why Did The Android Spy Age Arise?

Since sharing information has become so easy, people use their mobile devices to send information across the world in a matter of minutes or seconds. People started taking photos of anything like private documents, people in the most intimate condition, or videos of acts that one should not share openly. Privacy became an issue when the digital age boomed with advancements in mobile technology. Company owners began to face espionage, disloyal or disgruntled employees began disclosing company secrets and filing lawsuits using evidence they had on their smart devices. However, this is just one side of the story.

Parents also noticed behavior that raised safety concerns when social media came in a decade ago. Through sites like Tinder, Facebook, Orkut, and many others, children began facing threats like sexual predators’ online, cyberbullying, and easy access to porn sites.

How Are People Adapting To The Android Spy Age?

Android apps have flooded the app market online to make it even easier for people to share information across different platforms. Moreover, people started using an Android spy like Xnspy to help protect their businesses and loved ones from threats online. Although there are other platforms like iOS devices, technology has found a way of making data compatible for both Android and iOS devices. With intelligent and adaptive apps, users can install them on both Android and iOS platforms to use remotely. Xnspy is a good example of a handy monitoring tool that works on both platforms, without hassle, and supports remote access.

What Does Remote Access With Android Spy Mean For Employers?

In simple terms, remote access means that once installed on the target device (the device you want to monitor), the app allows you to see everything the target person does with the mobile device, without you having to hold it in your hands. The app operates from a control panel, which is accessible to the user of the app via a browser. You have to log in using your user credentials. Once in the control panel, you can see every text message, email, call history, IM chats, and places visited.

You can take screenshots of activity on the target device, turn on the recorder to hear ambient discussions, record and listen to calls, block installed apps, lock the target device, or wipe off data (in extreme cases), without holding the device in your hand. This is what remote access means.

Filtering Disloyal Employees Using An Android Spy

Using a mobile spying app has recently become a rising trend amongst employers. Since these apps allow you to observe a target’s mobile behavior, you can detect lies and capture evidence of espionage. If employees share company secrets and sensitive data using calls, emails, IM Chats, or text messages, you can detect it remotely. If the target person lies about whereabouts and goes to meet enemies of the business, you can keep track of them through inbuilt GPS trackers and even use the Geofencing tool to receive alerts.

Most spying apps come with the ability to detect watchlisted activity and alert you via text messages or emails. For example, they can tell you whenever the target person using specific words, talk to specific contacts via calls, SMS, or email, and if they go to a specific venue.

The Android spy age is on the rise and will become even more difficult to ignore through 2017. As technology advances to make accessing sensitive information easier, taking preventive measures to protect yourself will also become easier with intelligent and adaptive monitoring apps.

The Android Spy Age – Monitoring Everything

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