The Advantages Of FWaaS: How Cloud-Based Firewall Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Firewalls have been used to protect network traffic against external attacks. Incoming and outgoing data can be monitored by a firewall. The firewall uses some security rules to permit or block data traffic. You can consider firewalls a barrier between external resources and your internal network.

Corporations adopt firewalls to avoid viruses and malicious hacker attempts.

On the other hand, FWaaS functions in the same way. However, as firewalls can not protect cloud environments, FWaaS promises cloud-based protection for its users. This is where FWaaS increase its importance. The FWaaS definition is not much different from the traditional firewall description.

It is also a service that monitors and inspects network traffic in cloud-based environments.

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Cloud networks, applications, and resources have been popular for a long time. The number of corporations adopting hybrid or remote work models have been increased especially after the Pandemic. This digital transformation forces companies to look for different security models.

FWaaS stands out when it comes to remote work because it requires cloud environments. Since traditional firewalls can not meet the cloud requirements, businesses now should embrace a developed firewall solution: FwaaS

Benefits Of FWaaS


Scalability is a prominent criterion for all enterprises. As your business grows up, your security abilities must pace up with the new necessities. In today’s market, it is impossible for businesses to grow up without solid network protection.

Business needs change all the time and your security solution should provide total protection for your variable business parameters. In terms of scalability, FWaaS offers easy and attainable safety remedies.

Although services vary from brand to brand, you can constantly add new services to your FWaaS solution with a quick phone call.

As a business owner or an IT manager, you can set up meetings with FWaaS providers to discuss the recent requirements of your company. Cyber threats have been changing at an incredible velocity.

While you can protect your network from malicious attempts by using several methods, hackers can find a new weakness and harm your network traffic. Since protecting network traffic from external effects while growing is not easy to deal with, FWaaS can facilitate your workload.

On the contrary, FWaaS also offers flexible scalability when you decide to downsize your business. You can easily make some adjustments to adapt your protection to declining needs. Therefore, you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily. Furthermore, you don’t have to employ in-house IT managers to provide network security.

So, you can save your money and invest it elsewhere.

Quick Deployment

Businesses can benefit from FWaaS for a quick response to network security issues. The safety solutions of FWaaS can be deployed speedily. In this way, companies do not lose time while trying to adjust policies and prevent threats. When compared to a traditional firewall, FWaaS provides faster solutions.

FWaaS has a quick deployment because fundamentally, it is a cloud service. When traditional firewall solutions use hardware, configuration, and installation, FWaaS doesn’t require them. It can swiftly choose the proper solutions by monitoring the traffic and evaluating the policies.

Consolidated Safety Policy

Enterprises can utilize several safety solutions to protect different parts of their business. In cloud-based networks, the protection requirement has scale-up and sometimes they spend a huge amount of money on different security methods.

The good news is FWaaS utilize several security solutions and offers all of their safety methods. By using this combined security solution, you can tackle even the hardest security problems at once.

From internal to external threats can be avoided by utilizing a one FWaaS solution. Since FWaaS presents unified security, both your on-premises and mobile workforce can benefit from the same level of protection.

It has known that securing the mobile workforce is difficult compared to protecting employees that work in the office building. Usually, companies can safeguard their employees who work on the office premises.

On the other hand, they neglect their remote workforce and the remote workforce becomes the companies’ weak chain. This is where cybercriminals leak out. You can customize your FWaaS by considering your company’s needs and unifying whole protection under one roof.


From the FWaaS point of view, flexibility refers to implying security policies that are fully compatible with the specific needs of a company. The key benefit of FWaaS is that it can offer what other security solutions can not.

Customizing your specific firewall policies for your network is possible with FWaaS. As companies’ requirements evolved, they also need flexible security solutions.

Moreover, being a cloud service increases the flexibility of FWaaS. The reason is that FWaaS does not require any hardware or physical installation. Thus, you can change your service features by making simple arrangements. FWaaS offers a wide range of motion regarding security parameters and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML) In FWaaS

FWaaS utilizes AI and ML to scale up its efficiency. As we know FWaaS monitors, analyzes, and controls the incoming and outgoing data traffic in networks, it should be able to correctly analyze and identify the data packets.

Otherwise, it can not protect data traffic and the company network in the cloud. In this manner, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help FWaaS to develop and extend its abilities to find out malicious traffic.

In addition to this, AI and ML solutions can save companies time by reducing the burden of IT staff.

Zero Trust In FWaaS

In the Zero Trust approach, both internal and external traffic are considered malicious. Zero Trust supports the idea that companies should always verify their identities when letting them to the network or resources. So, Zero Trust and FWaaS support each other in terms of cloud network security.

Because Zero Trust has a vital role in cloud-based environments due to the more risky infrastructure that cloud systems have.

Key Takeaways

A firewall as a service is a cloud-based security solution that has the same features a traditional firewall has but with a few differences. The prominent difference is that FWaaS is cloud-oriented. Considering that business models have been evolving into remote models, cloud-based protection becomes vital.

FWaaS does not require hardware and physical installations as traditional firewall solutions are needed. This makes them more flexible and economical. Furthermore, FWaaS scalability is unquestionably better than traditional solutions. Because businesses can change their FWaaS features and services easily according to their time requirements.

Since businesses and security needs have been evolving in every way, FWaaS can meet the requirements of your business with its critical benefits.

Advantages FWaaS Cloud-Based Firewall Article Image


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