Cyber Security Device With Artificial Intelligence Component Hits Milestone

Press Release – Oasis Technology’s TITAN Cyber Security Defense Unit has now completed regional trials with Energy, Finance, and Medical industries and is now being rolled out nationally.

(CAMARILLO, CALIF) – Oasis Technology, a leading information technology, and cyber security company announces the beginning of a nationwide rollout of their cyber security device, TITAN. During its regional rollout, TITAN has blocked over 22 billion worldwide hack attempts at 23 installations over the last 12 month period. To date, no hacking attempt (DDOS, ransomware or otherwise) has penetrated any of the TITAN installations during the regional trials.

During a recent DDOS attack, a TITAN unit actually improved the overall bandwidth above the SLA provided by the vendor.

At one of the regional banking installations, the FBI and FDIC attempted to perform high-intensity penetration tests only to find that they could only perform their penetration testing after TITAN was completely disconnected from the network.

Before we had TITAN…hackers successfully took down one of our routers. Luckily, we had all the right failsafe measures in place so there was little effect, but now with the installation of TITAN we know that all hacking attempts are caught up in the black hole ‐ hackers don’t even know what happened ‐ and our network speeds are up, requiring less bandwidth.” ‐ Wolf Regener, CEO BNK Petroleum

The recent spate of PETYA ransomware attacks on hospitals successfully attacked various computer systems of the Providence medical centers, but PETYA did not affect any of the networks protected by the TITAN, which includes the San Fernando Valley Urological centers.

Patti Barton of San Fernando Urological expressed her Internet concerns and her impression of the TITAN device. “…when I talk to people because they have concerns, I tell them they really need to look into this device. TITAN gives me that additional layer of security. I have a lot of layers of security, but this is the first layer so that when a hacking attempt hits me from the outside, it disappears down a hole before it ever gets inside my system or my firewall.

[pullquote]TITAN successfully introduces and integrates an AI component into Cyber Security topology as a layer that sits in front of the firewall and works in conjunction with all firewalls.[/pullquote]

TITAN’s self‐learning and self‐adjusting AI component engine quickly analyzes, stores, and compares patterns in order to set up and develop its own Cyber Security rules real‐time.

In spite of the huge computational load, TITAN’s AI does this with a real time latency of 1ms and it can do it this quickly because it is not overburdened with other features.

“TITAN’s only reason for existence is to stop hack attempts. This is what it does and the product is focused on just that,” stated Mr. George Baldonado, President and CEO of Oasis Technology.

TITAN’s AI is always constantly adjusting itself based on the data that is coming through. The AI analysis/sandboxing/etc. detects these attacks and creates another rule to stop them. Sometimes these rules are temporary, sometimes they are permanent, and sometimes they are analytical for AI learning purposes.

Oasis Technology is careful to note that TITAN is not a firewall nor is it meant to replace the firewall. TITAN is specifically designed to work with and complement all firewalls and is compatible with all security layers that is already inherent in all firewalls (i.e. Cisco™, Sonic Wall™ and Fortinet™).

TITAN’s security features provide the necessary intrusion protection that is required to stay PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NIST SP 800‐171, and Gramm‐ Leach‐Bliley compliant.

Oasis Technology has resurrected the old black hole idea and supercharged it with AI to address the load, the patterns, formats, DDOS attacks, and the millions of other attacks that come in through the Internet pipe. As a result, TITAN now replaces the current but outdated technology of being static rule based or subscription based.

Due to TITAN’s wide appeal to all industries that are regulated or concerned about Cyber Security, Oasis Technology is developing alliances and partnerships with IT MSP companies that have a strong orientation to Cyber Security and Firewalls.

The recent surge in Cyber Security hacking activity has come about due to the nascent rise of the Internet Of Things, also known as the IOT.

Almost the entire world population now participates in or uses IOT. Our cell phones, DVRs, refrigerators, hospitals, law enforcement, military, doctors, banks, etc., all depend on IOT.

Like Pandora’s Box, IOT has brought out the best and also the worst of what technology has to offer. The ubiquitous near real time connectivity that IOT is providing greatly expands the horizons of the usefulness of technology.

On the other hand, IOT has also brought out the criminal element that is capitalizing on the inherent weaknesses in the almost universal connectivity of IOT.

It would be very inappropriate to classify these hackers as ignorant or dumb; in fact, some of the most extremely bright minds are behind the hacking effort. And they are exposing the weak areas of the IOT connectivity that need buttressing.

These areas have been largely ignored by IT personnel who were only concerned with what happens behind the firewall when in fact, due to IOT, the real war is now based on what is happening in front of the firewall. In fact, prior to IOT, what was happening in front of the firewall was not critical since firewalls caught most, if not all, of the hacking attempts.

[pullquote]Now the hacking front line has changed focus from after the firewall to before the firewall. Oasis Technology, Inc. has invested millions in developing the TITAN “before the firewall” defense system.[/pullquote]

Knowledge of Internet activity before the firewall is very important in providing the necessary Cyber Security defense. For this reason, Oasis Technology has decided to only work with IT companies and MSP’s that have a solid foothold in Cyber Security, firewalls, TCP/IP, and analysis of network traffic before the firewall.

As part of this industry alliance, Oasis Technology will also be providing Cyber Security support and White Hack hacking support to its MSP partners to assist them in closing all security weaknesses to the partners’ customers.

TITAN’s national release will allow for the deployment of all TITAN models ‐‐ Pegasus, Atlas, and Zeus ‐‐ that address all network speeds and configurations to assist almost all industry vertical segments.

A short animation depicting how TITAN works can be seen at

TITAN’s immediate requests have come from the Birmingham, Alabama area and are currently due to be released within the next week.

Additional TITAN units will become available throughout the United States beginning August 15, 2017, through the regional technology/MSP partners.

For more information, please contact George Baldonado, CEO, Oasis Technology, Inc. (805) 445‐4833,,

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Cyber Security Device With Artificial Intelligence Component Hits Milestone

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