Three Ways In Which AI Might Change Business And Industry

Successful business and industry leaders have always known that innovation is a key to success. The world of business has always been shifting and transforming, and entrepreneurs who get stuck in routine and tradition are often left in the dust when they cannot adapt to the new challenges and changing consumer demands.

The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into the world of business and industry, along with the growing importance of e-commerce to our economy, means that the rate of innovation will only continue to increase. Below, we look at three ways in which artificial intelligence technologies, solutions, and software will dramatically change how business is done.

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Categorization Of Products Sold On E-Commerce Platforms

As more and more commerce shifts from brick and mortar businesses to online platforms, artificial intelligence solutions will pave the way for companies who are flexible enough to take advantage of these new marketing and business opportunities. WorkFusion, a leading company in the world of intelligent automation, finds that AI can transform the world of e-commerce through improving conversion by rapidly gathering and enriching data collected from your website and the internet.

To name just one example, WorkFusion “allows retailers to perform accurate, well-described categorization for large volumes of products in always changing product catalogs. Categorization optimizes customer search results, delivering increased sales revenue and positive customer experience.”

Gone are the days when businesses could rely on simply selling a few standard products. E-commerce in a globalized economy means that there are virtually infinite product and service options available to every consumer who has a Wi-Fi signal. In order to continually engage with clients that demand innovation and new products and services, AI software can allow your business to take advantage of machine-learned categorization based on supplier-provided data.

Customized User Experiences

Instead of the generic hallways of Wal-Mart, many consumers today want a customized consumer experience. The growth in microbreweries offering unique flavored ales and brews is testament to this unique customer demand. AI technologies will allow companies that operate online to create customized user experiences that will relate directly to the desires and needs of each customer or client.

These customized user experiences will obviously capture the interest of your potential customers. However, it will also help your company analyze diverse sets of data from those customers including buying trends and browsing history. You will also gain access to the name, email and contact information of your customers once they access your e-commerce platform or website´s landing page.

24/7 Customer Support

The days of waiting for hours on the phone to talk to a customer service representative should be nearing their end. AI software allows companies to easily develop 24/7 customer service and support through online chatbots. Not only will these chatbots and other online customer service options allow you to keep your clients happy, but chatbot interactivity will essentially create a feedback loop that analyzes customer data. These improved customer service strategies will also give your business important data and information related to your customer´s needs and preferences.

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