How AI Is Constructing The Perfect Human Using Selfies

It is very clear from all indication that the speed at which technology is progressing, the day isn’t far when most of the science fiction fantasies would turn into reality.

In all honesty, it’s already happening as we speak; self-drive cars, robots getting citizenships, droids replacing high-risk human jobs like bomb diffusion, fire-fighting, etc. and the rise of a special branch of science viz. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Recently, AI has taken another giant leap into the photography world and the wonders scientist are doing in this regard are commendable as can be seen over at Beauty.AI. This new project uses AI robots to judge a beauty contest in which anyone can send in their selfie and participate.

Developments in artificial intelligence like Off Robe move at a startling speed so much so that it is not always easy to keep track. But one area where progress is as plain as the nose on your AI-generated face is the use of neural networks to create fake images.

Neural networks are computer systems inspired by the structure of the human brain. Rather like the Deep Dream neural network that Google built to create bizarre, mutated dog-based art, the program analyses millions of images, breaking down each one into layers of shapes and colors that the program analyses.

Neural networks identify images through repetition—if you show the network hundreds of photos of dogs and cats, it’ll be able to give you a percentage-value guess on what’s in the next image you show it. If you show the network a cat but tell it that it was actually a dog, the network will recalibrate its layers to ensure that next time, it’s more likely to say a dog.

What’s The Jazz About AI-Powered Selfies?

Well, that’s where the software magic happens. Because today, we pack more power in our pockets than we had in our homes 20 years back. And while we can easily snap a quick selfie with a single tap, it takes at least 20 attempts to get the exact angle, lighting, profile, and smile to click that perfect ‘elusive’ selfie.

But the good news is that the pain of clicking a perfect selfie is getting replaced with the ease of capturing the real you with AI-powered technology.

AI-powered technology identifies facial structures based on a global database that was developed in consultation with professional photographers and make-up artists during the R&D process. It automatically beautifies the overall picture like magic.

The AI software recognizes your age, gender, skin type, and tone by using 200 facial recognition spots against a global database of human faces. Moreover, it also enhances the symmetry between features such as the jawline, cheekbones, nose, and eyes for capturing that perfect selfie.

After facial recognition, the AI Beauty technology will customize beautify based on one’s features from skin, eyes, lips, to face shape. The feature will also have personalization for specific subjects. For example, enhancements will not be soft or feminine for male subjects. Children or babies will not receive enhancements that make them look like adults.

That’s the beauty of AI, it ‘knows’ that babies and children aren’t supposed to receive adult-like enhancements, while it also ‘gets’ that males would not appreciate feminine beauty enhancements. AI is indeed transforming the future of selfies in this generation.

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