The Audi Design Makeover of the Millennium – Audi “Regard”

Audi has long been a reliable and durable car that previously didn’t have the true lines of a sports car, at least not if I may say so myself. However, lately they have come out with some rather cool and unique designs that are well implemented into that category of cars. How about the TT or the R8? Those are truly well placed design trademarks, and I am sure they will come up with several other models to make us work harder in order to be able to afford one in our driveway.

Have you heard of the Audi “Regard?” I guess not, right? Well, me neither until I saw some renderings created by the very talented concept designer Piotr Czyzewski. You can clearly see the Audi brand in every line of the car, but it has a unique feel to it that could very well be another vehicle in the Audi auto lineup.

The extraordinary and extreme use of glass is also putting its touch on this car, which not only enhances the driving experience but also enhances safety. The curve of the glass makes it stronger and gives the car a bit of a superhero look a’la Batmobile. The rear, however, isn’t exactly the car’s strongest point. Inspiration seems to have been taken from the city Volvo car and that doesn’t sit well with me. I never liked the overly exposed interior from the back, and honestly it makes the car look a lot less sporty. However, the overall feel of it is luxurious and elegant. Will it ever be made? … Well, in fairness of the odds, probably not.