AI And The Rise Of Superjobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) taking over people’s jobs is a threat many have feared. But what if it doesn’t need to replace humans but can instead work alongside them to augment their roles and offer new possibilities? Superjobs, fueled by AI, leverage the technology and integrate human skills, including interpretation, critical thinking, communication, and others.

Blockchain, a ledger-like system of storing data in linked, unalterable blocks, plays a role in the rise of superjobs as well, functioning with AI to store sensitive information and illuminate the decisions AI makes. As these two technologies combine to change the very nature of jobs, businesses will increasingly be turning to AI and blockchain consulting services to advise them.

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What Is A Superjob?

Superjobs are traditional roles that incorporate technologies to expand on the capabilities of the work that can be performed. For example, some repeatable tasks, such as answering commonly-asked questions, can be automated by AI, while data can be stored by blockchain. This should ultimately mean that humans are performing less routine work and can instead focus on tasks that require more complex skills.

Of course, to perform a superjob, people will need to possess technical skills in addition to the soft skills — those intangible skills that only humans can have. In addition to providing businesses with new technologies, AI and blockchain development services can also advise them on how to train employees to use them effectively.

How AI And Blockchain Can Work Together

Walmart uses AI to determine the number of products that need to be stocked. Humans must check the data to ensure that the correct decisions are being made by the technology. Still, in the future, blockchain could simplify the process by providing a complete, unaltered record. While humans will still need to work with both technologies to ensure accuracy, the process will be streamlined enormously.

This is just one way AI and blockchain have the capacity to work together to revolutionize work. They can also combine forces to better protect important company information. AI can help identify and block cyber threats, for example, while blockchain makes it challenging to uncover sensitive data.

Example Of A Superjob

A classic example of an area in which technology and human expertise could converge is human resources. AI could help HR representatives gather data on worker attitudes, and the people themselves can leverage this information to better understand and predict workplace trends. Meanwhile, tools like chatbots and voice assistants can answer routine questions that take up an HR representative’s time.

Notice that the technology isn’t replacing the HR rep but rather working with the professional to gather and deliver insights. It also manages tasks that don’t require essential skills such as problem-solving, common sense, and collaboration. It expands the capacity of the role to serve more individuals and improve workflow and productivity for the worker.

How To Implement AI To Create Superjobs At An Organization

Work With Professionals

First, it’s nearly impossible for any businesses to incorporate AI into their organization alone. Many work with AI and blockchain consulting services to explore how technologies can assist them and improve the scope of the jobs they do. This is an essential step in strategizing and considering how they can give the business a boost such that it complements the organization’s mission.

Emphasize That AI Is Not Replacing Humans But Helping Them

Many people have been fearful of the power of AI and other technologies to replace the human workforce. If you intend to create superjobs or overhaul existing ones at your organization, make it clear to your employees that machines are not there to take over but to augment their current roles and work.

Train Employees

In order to do their “superjobs,” employees will need to understand the capabilities of these technologies and how to use them. As discussed, an AI or blockchain development company can help demonstrate what the technologies do and how they work.

Explore New Possibilities

Spend some time considering how AI could make your business and people’s individual roles even better. Again, this is an area where an AI or blockchain development company might be able to assist. AI has the power not only to improve current roles but also to create new ones.

Combining technology and the human touch, superjobs can carry out tasks that have been previously unimaginable in the workforce. At the same time, it does offer some challenges in addition to opportunities. For one, it requires that workers learn new skills and may alienate those who don’t have them, leaving them out of a job.

Employers must search for ways to augment their employees’ skills without posing a threat to their job security, as well as ensure that they are training them properly. Workers must also evolve with the times and learn the skills required of superjobs. Doing so will make them more marketable and adaptable in an ever-changing market.

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