The Current State Of Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

It seems almost everyone is working on making gadgets and computers self-aware in one way or another. I don’t think I can go a whole day anymore without coming across at least one announcement about a new kind of artificial intelligence that is going to make things a whole lot more optimized. Even though we know what those words “artificial intelligence” mean, I don’t think any of us really know what the state of artificial intelligence really is.

Every once in a while I try to tread out on the Internet and search for updates and developments around it. It’s not hard to find a ton of information, that’s for sure. If you want more in-depth information, that is not too hard to find either. There are even a ton of tutorials available on the Internet about how to get started with developing your very own artificial intelligence prototype algorithm, and what makes it become self-aware. I guess we can at least say that the state of artificial intelligence is progressing into our wildest dreams at a pace that I don’t think we ever thought we’d experience.

As if my own research wasn’t enough, I was approached by my good friend Brian Wallace over at NowSourcing who tapped me into one of their fresh infographics. It is dead on the subject I was trying to do some research around, and he didn’t even know about it. The infographic is called Artificial Intelligence: Working Hard, So We Can Hardly Work, and it is presented by their client ClickSoftware.

The state of artificial intelligence becomes very clear when you look at all of the statistics presented in it. Not only are we, the world, now housing over 1.1 million working robots, but most of them have some sort of artificial intelligence which enables them to think and learn on their own. The fact that industry robots are now completing over 80% of the assembly of a car, for example, is beyond me really. It’s not hard to be impressed by the developments in this field over the last couple of years. So what is the state of artificial intelligence and where are we heading?

That’s a question that is best answered by the people working on the Blue Brain Project in Switzerland. They believe they can recreate the human brain in a super computer, and so far they have recreated 10 billion of our brain’s 85.9 billion neurons. I guess what I am trying to say is that when it comes to the state of artificial intelligence, we have just begun tapping into its complex infrastructure.

ClickSoftware’s State Of Artificial Intelligence Infographic

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