AIDACASE: Will Turn Your iPad Into A Notebook!

When I first got my iPad and opened the box, I was amazed, not only by the thing itself, but by the sheer cool it unloaded on me. It was like one of those moments that you had when you were a little boy, and you just received a Nintendo NES. You couldn’t describe the immense power you felt by just owning it. You could now rule at any game that you ever wanted… if you could afford them that was. The iPad is surely a piece of technology that we will hear about way into the future, and I am so fortunate to own the very first generation of it.

However, what bugs me about it a little bit is the fact that there is no real comfortable way of typing fast on it. I am so used to using both my hands and almost all my fingers that I get all jammed up when I have to type on the iPad with one hand, while holding it with the other. I could, of course, put it in my lap, but it’s an iPad, I should hold it.

When I saw this thing called AIDACASE, I got all giddy. It’s a case for your iPad that will enable you to keep your iPad upright even when you put it on a table. In fact, it even has a little QWERTY keyboard incorporated into the case. It will literally turn you iPad into a laptop in a matter of seconds. That is what I call a simple mod that will do wonders for your productivity.

If you, like me, would like to purchase this awesome case, then it is available now on Amazon for the price of $99.99.