Alfa Romeo | 2017 Executive Fastback Saloon Model!

We’ve reported on some heavy rides here on Bit Rebels but never before have I seen a ride like this. It’s taken straight from the future. 2017 to be exact. The car is a design concept created by designer Jacob Mcmurry and has some fancy sexy lines to say the least. It’s like the car is screaming, “Drive me”. It looks both fast and comfortable at the same time. I wonder if it will come with a few Batmobile features as well because it somewhat reminds me of the front of the old Batmobile, don’t you think?

A second perspective is that it’s truly designed for designers. People like you and me (if you’re a designer that is). Imagine driving up to a client in this ride. It’s the boldest statement you will ever make as a designer. The car is design. It breathes design and it’s just too cool to be true.

If Alfa Romeo is ever to build this car I am sure it will become a huge success. At least in due time as usually bold cars never sell well but they are entered into the Hall of Fame almost instantly. The question is if they want a car in the Hall of Fame or not.

Don’t miss the odd and unequaled feature of the front window line mod on the hood. I just think it’s genius and so bold. Even better would be if that feature actually sported glass so you could check out the engine inside of it. Which I, by the way, think is equally as magnificent as the entire car. The rear I am not that thrilled about but the rest of the car is just plain designer porn. Straight up!