All In One: Chameleon X-1 Mouse Two Times As A Game Pad!

Gamers have a thing for game pads. When they first appeared a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… hmm… they were simply called controllers. They were a way of controlling the sprite, the object you were playing, on the screen. Back then it was the 8th wonder of the world, but today the technology behind them isn’t that sexy. The sad part is that they haven’t changed much since they first appeared. Maybe it’s because they were designed so incredibly awesome that another update was just not necessary. However, there is a second problem with the game pads of today. They don’t work on computers. The fact that console people and geeks are the only ones who enjoy playing games on a game pad is unacceptable.

Therefore, the smart and brilliant people over at Shogun Bros. decided to fill that void with what they call the Chameleon X-1. Indeed it’s a spacey name for a spacey little product. It’s a mouse that two times as a game pad. Yeah, it’s entirely and completely sexy like that. Not only is it wireless, but the game pad is actually hidden underneath the mouse itself. You’ll be able to fool just about any geek you want with this, and then smile like the lurk you are.

Even though the mouse is not available at this very moment, it has been revealed that it will cost around $55 and will be available in stores around you soon. What “soon” is, we can only speculate, but the good news is that all computer geeks soon will be able to play games using their game pads instead of the mouse that still is a mouse but two times… well you get the picture I am sure.