All-In-One Dock For iOS & Android Has Features For Everything

Do you think you have the most robust and universal smartphone dock there is? If so, think again. Recently it seems manufacturers have stepped up their game a little and started incorporating really useful features into smartphone docks. These are features we can actually use and that would be helpful in our everyday lives. If you thought a smartphone dock was all about charging your phone or enabling a more complete music experience, I’m afraid I have to tell you that you are ultimately wrong. The way smartphone docks have progressed is quite impressive. These days, you can find docks that do pretty much everything. They have become all-in-one docks, and they present features that will put a big smile on your face.

The most feature packed all-in-one dock I have seen is the newly announced (during this years CES) AudiOffice smartphone dock. It can boast having features like a real handset, universal smartphone connectors, conference call and of course Facetime conference calls. As if that wasn’t enough, plonk your iOS or Android device down on it and start blasting that music all you want.

The AudiOffice has to be dubbed the ultimate all-in-one dock just because it caters to both iOS and Android devices. It’s developed and manufactured by invoxia and is set to impress the world in 2013. This dock is priced at $299.00 and can actually be picked up right now through Amazon. This is definitely a product that you will not regret getting since there are no other docks in existence that can really match its features. In all fairness, it’s the only device that will enable you to seamlessly morph between features you never knew an all-in-one dock could ever have. Have a look at the introductory videos, and you will want one by the end of the first one. If there is any gadget or dock I would like to have in my office, it’s this one.

invoxia’s AudiOffice All-In-One Dock

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