You Will Be Amazed – Five Products That Use Connectors As Their Foundation

A connector is an electro-mechanical device used to link or connect electrical conductors to form an electric circuit. Connectors always work in pairs, it has a gender, where the male gender called the plug connects to the female component called the socket. These connectors are available in different pinout, sizes, contact resistance, insulation, and more. There are broad categories of connectors. The connectors are defined based on their termination ends: board-to-board connector, cable or wire to cable/wire connector, and cable/wire to board connectors.

These connectors have been predominantly used to connect electrically with devices. Electronic devices depend on these electronic connectors to transmit power and provide electric backing for functioning. Some of these products use power connectors as their foundation for smooth operation.

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Products That Use Power Connectors


All desktop computers use connectors to connect to a slot on the motherboard. Thus, as we talk about cables, the connector is the end of the cable that connects to the port. For example, an HDMI cable Type A to type E is used to transmit audio-video signals in a single interference.

These connectors are also commonly used in TV, gaming consoles, or computer monitor. The second one is the USB, Universal Serial Bus connector type, with the most common ones being Type-A and Type-C. Another common PC connector is the Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS) connector. This 3.5 mm TRS connector is used for audio devices on your computer.


A microwave is a commonly known equipment. The radiofrequency and microwave connectors connect the ends of cable systems that in turn work or operate in the microwave spectrum. An APC-7 connector also commonly referred to as a 7 mm connector is a precise coaxial connector used for microwave test equipment in laboratories for frequencies up to 18 GHz. These connectors are beneficial for low-reflection co-efficiency and are genderless. Since these connectors are expensive they are rarely used outside a laboratory.

In the case of Microwaves used in the kitchen, a Type-N connector is a typical medium-size and waterproof connector that can easily handle frequencies up to 11Gh2, also capable of carrying the low frequency of a microwave.

Washing Machine

This electronic device majorly uses tap connectors for functioning. Available in metal and plastic material, they are used to connect both cold and hot taps. Quick and easy to use, these tap connectors can be used for household purposes as well as for large commercial units. This two-way tap connector connects hose pipes or two watering devices to one outside tap. It can be used to connect directly to a garden tap with 21mm, 26.5mm, or 33.3 mm BSP adaptors.


CCTV or a close circuit television system used for surveillance at home or workspace is gaining more popularity for security reasons. The CCTV camera records the footage and displays it on the monitor using connectors. A CCTV mostly uses Coaxial cables. The most famous one is the RG-59 Siamese cable. However, this cable carries only video signals and thus, requires a suitable connector like BNC male-type connector at both ends for optimum functioning.

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