AMOLED ePaper: Displays Set For Market In 2014!

We’re used to the many advances in technology lately, and even though tomorrow’s technology looks like science fiction, we can be sure that two days from now we will make things surpassing even that. Something that has been a holy grail lately is the AMOLED paper. It’s thin paper, like a sheet that works just like a normal display. Resolution and speed are the same, and it also has the insane capability of not being able to be broken, not even if you used the full force of a sledgehammer (or so they say). This new technology being researched and developed by Samsung is truly a huge step towards putting more interactive aspects on whatever surface. We might see the product in stores as soon as in 2013-2014.

We’ve mentioned the AMOLED paper here on Bit Rebels before, but with the new developments going on over at Samsung, we decided to update you on the subject. Samsung recently announced that they have managed to make the AMOLED display paper as thin as 0.2mm, and they show off their achievement with a little sneak peak. Further commenting reveals that they have the technology to make it even thinner, even as thin as 0.1mm, which is their next goal.

The AMOLED displays are said to be set for marketing sometime in the year of 2013 or 2014, depending on progress. However, preparations are made to feature the AMOLED paper in a TV program to showcase its indestructible nature. Imagine the hotness of creating your very own wallpaper of the stuff easily making your wall a huge TV screen. What more can a geek want! Awesomeness ahead!