An Illuminated Calculating USB Hub Mouse Pad!

At first I was a little skeptical when I stumbled upon this multi-use gadget. However, then I started to see the actual genius in it. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have had to start the calculator when working on designs and code. It’s all very annoying and takes up screen space, but with this little gadget, you have access to your calculator at any time. It’s actually kind of neat when you think about it.

The mouse pad is illuminated with a blueish light that is similar to so many gadgets we’ve seen lately, but the mouse pad isn’t just a calculator and a mouse pad. It’s actually a USB hub as well. Connect all your little USB gadgets to this little thing, and you will save a lot of space behind or in front of your computer.

What really surprised me about this bundle of awesomeness is that it’s actually priced as low as $10.25. The many features and wide range of uses it packs are more than worth that price. My only fear is that, as usual, my USB gadgets won’t get enough power from those USB ports. The iPad, for example, won’t get enough power from those to get charged. It’s the same way with my illuminated keyboard which I always have to connect to the back of the computer. However, it’s still well worth the money I believe.