Anachronistic City: A Life Without New Technology

I really love advertising.  I love it so much that I took the course in college.  Advertising has evolved a lot over recent years.  When I was in college, most of the stuff we learned was mainly about the traditional forms of ads like television and print medium.  Marketers were very focused on those forms of advertising because they were the most popular at that time.  Advertising today is very different.

The mediums that are now available which allow brands to speak to their target audiences are much more creative.  Technology has been a huge player in that shift.  In the old days, if you wanted to feature a video, you had to show it via a television commercial.  However, now we have YouTube and a host of other video sites.  Back then, if a brand wanted to giveaway products and coupons, they would usually create print ads that people could collect and bring into the stores to redeem.  They did this for whatever item they wanted to promote at that particular time.

Now, consumers can of course get the same coupons and messages via the Internet or their smartphones.  It truly enables brands to communicate on a much larger scale.  I saw this particular commercial that made me think a lot about this, and laugh out loud while doing it.  It is called Anachronistic City by the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.  It may make you ask yourself, “What if we never embraced technology?”  The cues on the video will make you smile for sure, especially if you think about the huge mobile phones we had back then.  Imagine if the iPod was never invented, or if we never got to use a laptop.  What if we were still using typewriters?  This is a lot of fun to watch.

Viral Car Commercial Video

Old Cell Phone Record Player