MP3 Player Looks Like Wireless Earbuds (It’s Controlled By Your Teeth)

Last year we featured a tongue controlled MP3 player. Although I could appreciate the innovation behind it, the implementation of that device was a little wacky. It looked like a retainer you’d get from the orthodontist. I was excited to get rid of my retainer when I was 17 years old, so I couldn’t imagine having to wear another one. This MP3 player is also innovative, and again, it’s controlled with your mouth – this time by your teeth. It looks like a pair of wireless earbuds.

As a matter of fact, these are being called the world’s only earbuds with no strings attached. Someone needs to let them know that wireless earbuds do exist, but again, I can appreciate what they’re trying to do with this device. It’s basically an audio player that lives in your ears. It would be the ultimate in convenience and sophistication.

It’s called Split, and it works without any cables and without Bluetooth. Here’s the interesting part – you can change the song and the volume with what they call ‘bite clicks.’ According to their Kickstarter page, this is how it works:

“Each Split earphone contains a small circuit board, a button cell battery, a memory chip, a processor and a few other components necessary to play quality digital audio. By synchronizing the right and left earphone with the use of high precision crystal clocks, the two earphones play in unison without being physically connected and without exchanging a continuous stream of radio waves.”

The earphones have a 3-axis accelerometer incorporated into them, which allows them to detect when you ‘bite click’ to change the song or the volume. It also exposes you to 1,000 times less radiation than Bluetooth headphones. Right now these little badboys can only store 24 songs, but still, it’s very impressive. The battery life is 4 hours.

Although I’d like to get a pair of wireless earbuds, I’m not sure I’d go all the way to get this. There is just something about controlling an MP3 player with my teeth that I’m not quite ready for yet. Like many of today’s innovative new products, the team behind Split is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you’d like to pledge, you can click over to their page (linked above). If their campaign is successful, you’ll be jamming hands-free in no time with this device that will make everyone think you’re wearing wireless earbuds.

MP3 Player That Looks Like Wireless Earbuds

It’s controlled by your teeth. ‘Bite clicks’ change the song and volume.
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Via: [Popsci]


  • comment-avatar
    Trevellyon Newell 9 years

    hate to point out the obvious
    This is ok unless a your eating dinner/snack
    or chewing gum

    • comment-avatar
      Echo Gaming 6 years

      it says when you tap the right one so it locks it

  • comment-avatar
    RealGear 5 years

    Interesting. I would second the synchronization though. Besides it is easy to lose them… I’d rather use the classic wired headphones for now :)