Android vs. iOS: Which Users Are More Social? [Infographic]

For years now, people have jokingly compared Android users with iOS users. I remember a couple years ago I published the results of a study which revealed that Android users are not only happier with their smartphones, but they also have a lot more sex than iPhone users. The companies that do these surveys crack me up because they will ask users just about anything. Now that some people are less than impressed with the iPhone 5 upgrade, it seems like the Android vs. iOS debate is suddenly relevant again.

I’ve read a lot lately about how important it is to “put the social back in social media,” and it got me thinking about the Android vs. iOS comparison when it comes to being social. Which users are more social, Android users or iOS users? Off the top of my head, and based on nothing, I would guess the answer would be iOS users because they seem like people who are more fun and outgoing. When I think of an Android user, I think of an app developer or a super-nerd locked away in a room all alone hacking something, but of course that is all just a silly stereotype.

In this new infographic by Startapp called Who Is More Social? Android or iOS, we get to see the social stats (in terms of phones, apps and more). In this infographic, green represents Android and white represents iOS. As it turns out, in the Android vs. iOS social race, Android is in the lead. Are you surprised? Android seems to be making up a lot of ground in several different areas actually. If you do a quick Google search for “Android vs. iOS,” you’ll see what I mean. I wonder what these numbers will look like in a few years from now!

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Via: [Startapp] Image Credits: [TechSpot] [Android Authority]