30 Designs People Say The iPhone 4G Will Have

It’s no surprise to anyone that the iPhone will soon get an upgrade, whether it’s only the OS or the whole thing remains to be seen. It is a given that we will see an upgrade of the OS since Apple is about to announce it today (Thursday) along with what features it will have. Usually they throw something really cool in there, so we’ll see what they have in store for us today. After all, it’s not just a fix or a dot one upgrade, but an entirely new version. There are a few kinks and bugs that need ironing out, and hopefully these have been worked out so that we all can use our iPhones the way they are intended to be used.

It is still unclear if the iPhone will ever get a remake as far as it’s shell; however, the MacBook got a remake after several years of production. Right when Apple was upgrading all their gadgets to fit a more environmentally friendly approach, the iPhone came out. So, it’s safe to assume that it has already gone through a robust redesign before it was released which caught it up to date with their demands. Therefore, it’s unlikely that it will get a facelift anytime soon. However, one can still hope that it will, as I am sure the technology is there to make it outstanding since the current technology fit into the iPhone is several years old.

So, what might the iPhone 4G look like if it ever gets a face lift? Well, if I knew, I would be a wealthy man today, and I might possibly have Apple on my back calling me names for releasing the information about their new and fresh… oh and fantastic and brilliant… design. Steve Jobs is known for keeping secrets, and if I had a machine that could read his mind and reveal his secrets, I would use it every second of the day to report to you guys what I found. Hell, I would even lend it to you all.

Looking into the future is hard and impossible to get accurately correct. However, some designers have pulled together what they believe will be the look of the upcoming iPhone 4G – faster, leaner, cooler and more colorful is the key here. The future has only awesomeness to bring, so make sure you keep your peepholes ajar and take in every design there is here cause I am sure there will be elements from these designs that will make the final face lift. So, which one are you hoping for?