High Tech Anti-Drowning Safety Device For Kids In The Swimming Pool

Now that school will soon be out for the summer, a lot of kids will spend the next few months at the swimming pool. If you have small children, you know how important it is to monitor their every move while they are in the water. Swimming is a double-edged sword since drowning is the number one cause of traumatic death for children under the age of 5, yet swimming is an important survival skill to have. This swimming safety device offers an added layer of protection for your child.

This safety device is called SEAL, and it’s a wearable piece of tech that acts as a swim monitor. It looks like a necklace or neckband, and your child simply wears it while he or she is in the water. Through this new technology, the neckband reports back to a wristband that the parent, lifeguard or babysitter also wears (and it reports back to the central hub).

If the safety device determines that the child is in distress while in the water, all kinds of alarms and lights start going off on the wristbands and the hub. That way, if the parents look away for just a moment to get a soda or take a phone call, they are immediately alerted about the situation in the water.

I think this is a genius solution, but it should of course not be used as a replacement for watching children. It is just an added safety device to be extra sure everything is okay. This project is currently seeking funding to finish up their last round of production. You can contribute over on their Indigogo page. The only downside I see to this is the price. It’s $150 per child (you can monitor more than one child). That price is awfully high, but then again, you can’t put a price on safety in the water.

SEAL – An Anti-Drowning Safety Device For Kids





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    dave flynn 9 years

    This is cool but I’m not sure if I would feel 100% safe with my 6 year old swimming without supervision. 150 bucks too! A 20 dollar life preserver works fine enough. Or just go swimming and enjoy the water:)

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    Justin Calvillo 9 years


    Thank for your post. I am Justin Calvillo and I am part of the team responsible for The SEAL. I wanted to just clarify that the device that would be worn by a lifeguard, parent or other caregiver is actually a neckband also. We call it the GuardBand. The GuardBand will be notified of a problem with another swimmer wearing a SwimBand but also will has all the same functionality as a SwimBand to protect guardians when they are in the water.

    The main driving of pricing is its failsafe, fault tolerant, and durable design that is intelligence enough to manage dozens of swimmer indoors and outdoors in the elements.


    Thanks for your comment. We agree that a 6 year old or any swimmer for that matter should not be left unattended. The product is meant to be used with the right learn to swim program and parental/lifeguard vigilance by giving notifications that cut through distractions and chaos that are the norm for pool and swim environments. Unlike a life preserver, it allows for kids and adults to learn to swim freely with an extra layer of protection.

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    Paul Brockman 7 years

    I Think the principle is brilliant how do I contact you do you have a web site

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    Linda Olson 4 years

    Could you please send more information on these seal safety devices. Would be interested in selling wholesale. We have a business around many lakes.