Wearable Tech Spawns Touchscreen Shirt For Ultimate Mobility

We have all heard about wearable tech, and how it is getting ever more popular. Everything from wristbands to backpacks have some kind of technology incorporated into them, but that’s not where it ends. In the future, technology will be injected into the very fiber of everything we wear, at least if you’re looking at what is being done at the moment. Wearable tech is about to spawn the ultimate mobility “device” in the form of a touchscreen shirt.

A touchscreen shirt might sound as odd as anything. I mean, how can you make a touchscreen device out of fabric? The synthetic material used in this particular t-shirt will be highly sensitive and of course as flexible as any other fabric. At this very moment, technology to support this wearable tech “device” is being developed over at Under Armour. In their new promotional commercial for the Armour39 system, they released some information about what they are supposedly working on. One of those “devices” is a touchscreen shirt.

The screen fabric would allow you to change color and look of your shirt (and of course anything else they decide to create with their synthetic fabric), which could very well become the next big thing in the clothing industry. It’s particularly useful for sportswear where everything could be tracked and displayed directly on your clothes.

The commercial hints that this wearable technology will be available for purchase in the near future. Whatever “near” means could of course be debated. By the sound of it, and the fact that they are working on it right now, could hint at a release within 5 years or less. Hopefully these things will be completely waterproof so when running you won’t electrocute yourself just because you’re shedding a bit of sweat. At this point, anything that is remotely close to what they show in this commercial will be highly impressive. It will also become the innovation of the year, just like the iPhone once was. We will just have to wait and see. Exciting times!

Under Armour’s Future Wearable Tech Touchscreen Shirt




Via: [psfk]