Former Apple CEO John Sculley’s Newest Obi Smartphones Are Bold

Not too long ago former Apple CEO, John Sculley, announced his new company, Obi Worldphone. They set up shop in Silicon Valley and attempted what could be considered a nearly impossible task. To bring yet another smartphone into the world and hope for global success. Many people would frown upon the idea, however, the people behind Obi are bolder than that. They dared to dream, and now they have a whole family of Obi smartphones that they are ready to release to the world.

Obi Worldphone’s mission was to bring smartphones to the world that didn’t compromise. To give the world smartphones that are on the very edge of technology. Looking at the video and picture presentations of their newest smartphones it looks like Obi is definitely in the game. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a hands-on experience with the new Obi phones yet despite having reached out to Obi’s press contact. This after having talked to John Sculley himself. We will keep you posted.

The newest additions to the Obi family are three new smartphones. The high-end one, the flagship model, is the Obi SF1 smartphone, but the other two designs, the Obi MV1, and Obi SJ1.5 are not far behind regarding specs. People here at Bit Rebels seem to find that the SJ1.5 design is easier on the eye, while the other ones (the SF1 and MV1 smartphones look similar in design) have a somewhat more edgy look.

The newest Obi smartphones are getting a high consumer rating which should make other smartphone brands trembling in their boots. Even Apple, who is currently lacking innovation, could be looking at an uphill climb as their specs continue sliding.

Personally, I am quite intrigued by the Obi smartphones, and I think that John Sculley and the people at Obi have done a magnificent job. I am a little concerned, however, at the lack of innovation in today’s smartphone models. I am not just talking about Obi, but all smartphones. The Obi phones are bold; that’s absolutely right, but consumers want feature innovation as well. Where is the built-in high-end video projector? Why can’t I take 3D photos (dual cameras)? Why are most smartphones not waterproof yet?

One thing that the Obi smartphones have going for them is that they are incredibly cheap compared to other smartphones in the same spec range. This is something that is going to be a huge deal for consumers, and one that I think will eventually make Obi a household name.

Have a look at the introduction video of the newest Obi smartphones below and let us know what you think. Do you already have one? What do you think about it? What do you like and dislike about it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Obi Smartphones – Introduction

Obi Smartphones John Sculley Header

Obi Smartphones New Phones